“Bite Me” Takes On a WHOLE New Meaning…

So, after reading Glam & Tonic’s Fall Favorites post, I was reminded that I’d purchased a beauty product I hadn’t reviewed yet!

Camilla at G&T gushed about her love of a good, red pout and – it’s true – there are few things greater than the perfect red lip color to go with anything and make you feel smoldering. I have a hard time with red lipstick, though – I’m blessed with super-fair skin that’s really only good for getting burned in the summer… So most lipstick looks like clown paint on me. This spiked my interest in a growing trend: lip stains.

I went out and purchased Revlon’s Just Bitten in Plum Wicked. It’s very daunting, let me tell you. SUPER dark red (literally blood-like) liquid inside a clear container… Yikes! But I set out to try it anyway…


So here’s how I looked before I tried it out. WARNING: Because of winter’s super-dry air, you’ll want to exfoliate your lips to get rid of all the dead skin before you give this stuff a shot. It literally sinks into your lips, so your flakey skin doesn’t get covered like it does with regular lipstick. Either use a scrub for lips, or take a soft toothbrush to them for a few seconds, lightly. Then, dab it on in little dots across your bottom lip, followed by two dots on your upper lip on either side if the divot… Press together, and you’ve got THIS!:


GORGEOUS color from this stuff… And it tastes good, too!

But if that’s not enough massive glamour for you, you can always slick a red (or clear) lipgloss over for some shine and that’ll make your puppies look a lot more full, too! Like this!


Not bad for one little 1 oz. tube for like $8! Go get it, it’s worth it!