Broke & Beautiful’s Hostess Gift Guide!

Welcome to late December. If you’re like me, you’re about to be invited to, attend, and enjoy about 36,249 [tag]holiday parties[/tag] hosted by other people. (I’m not so brave.) Because I’m classy like that, I like to give gifts to whoever had the stomach to plan a huge party in the middle of the holidays. Via [tag]Vivre[/tag], I’ve selected some of the most beautiful gifts to give your friends for [tag]party-hosting[/tag]. All under $50!

The Ylang Noir Pur Candle by Vivre Selections is classy, chic, and its sensual [tag]YlangYlang[/tag] scent is to die for. Ylang Ylang, aside from being an amazing scent from the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean, has tons of holistic uses:

The essential oil of ylang-ylang is used in aromatherapy. It is believed to relieve high blood pressure, normalize sebum secretion for skin problems, and is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

Aphrodisiac, huh? Maybe skip the hostess and give to the host… ;) Get it for $32! Vivre even gift wraps for free!

These are [tag]Kenneth Jay Lane[/tag] Satin Gold Wrapped Hoops. I think it’s self-explanatory as for why they’d be great gifts. Kenneth Jay Lane makes beautiful, high quality jewelry… And good gold hoops are essential. Only $45!

And if your hostess is a little tart…

Get herĀ  the Sex Game Book by Denyse Beaulieu, from Assouline.

Across time and geography, the world is united by sex. Manifestations of its celebrations, however, take on a multitude of forms, rituals and games. The Sex Game Book probes and profiles the literature, mythology, cinema, arts, sciences, objects, and places associated with this social and biological phenomenon, expanded on with additional games, questions and hundreds of illustrations. This encyclopedia of sexuality gives pause to reconsider our knowledge of this most basic subject.

…Pretty much sums it up. $35.

Enjoy your [tag]party[/tag] season!