Shake yo’ booties!

Most of the time, I’m not really that susceptible to random trends that pop up in magazines, and on supremely rich girls with perfect bods… But the more I keep eying these little ankle boots, the more I think… Hmmmm…

A little history: I used to be SUPER ANTI-ANKLE BOOT. I mean, I was dangerously close to picketing Nordstrom and handing a pair of trousers to every girl I saw wearing them with non-pant items. I grew up in an era when Dr. Marten’s ruled the school, so it’s not necessarily the actual boot I fear despise, it’s the combo of dress/skirt + boot. It’s inappropriate and unacceptable.

Or so I thought.

Sienna Miller

Someone please tell me how to say no. It just works all of a sudden! Especially Ashley Simpson’s look… So streamlined and classy… So I dug around and found some good “booties” to slide over some opaque tights.

Super-hot suede: GoJane’s Sapoly Boot has a SUPER manageable 2.5″ heel and an awesome tie detail over the top of the shoe. The brown suede makes me think of dark chocolate ganache – which is almost as delicious sounding as the shoes themselves (one for eating – one for NOT eating!). $32.99 at!

Okay, how could I resist… More suede! But even better TEAL suede! These booties are a bit more ambitious with a 4.25″ covered heel (and it looks like maybe a 1/2″ hidden platform in front), but the color is SCREAMIN’! You can find these bold beauties at, as well, for a measly $20.99!

Another can’t-resist, must-post item! And MORE SUEDE! Actually, these are European Inspired “Micro-Suede”, which I’m assuming is better (and… smaller?). They come in a bright berry or a bright red from for only $37.99! Zoe Kravitz likes ’em!

I’d like to make a gentle, but strong suggestion: If you’re going to wear booties with a skirt, or dress (hell, even with pants!), only round toe! Pointy toes are good under wide-leg trousers and the like… but not so much on their own. Also, this look is NOT for black-tie, dress occasions… Keep it casual and easy.

Shake it!


Miss Elle is a photographer and style-obsessed artist living in Seattle, WA.

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