Tips on how to clean your Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier

Normal breathing can be a challenge when you are suffering from a cold, fever or even a sinus problem. Some conditions like asthma, can make a person allergic to dirt, smoke and some odors. A Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier is designed to offer temporary reprieve, by filtering the air you inhale. This kind of a humidifier use special filters which trap the dust or other smoke particles contained in the air thus purifying the air you inhale. With continuous use the dust, smoke and other unclean particles cling on the special filters in the humidifier. This may clog the filters and more importantly make it dirty and unhygienic. Important to note that the unwanted air particles may also contain germs and if allowed to stay there for long, they can be a health hazard. Changing the filters is a good option but its not enough. Being a mist humidifier, it uses water and if the water is left unchanged, scales are bound to form which may clog the humidifier. With this vicks cool mist humidifier reviews in mind, it is imperative that you keep your humidifier clean and free from disease causing germs.

Daily Cleaning

Turn off the Cool Mist and unplug the cord from the wall outlet. Provide a flat, clean and ample surface to avoid damaging it. Remove the water tank, and then the water tray for models with a removable container such as V3100. Wipe clean all the areas your can access on the water tank and water tray. Use a dry cloth on the exterior of the housing in case of a V400, as moisture can cause electric shock. Clean the other unit-the cord and the base- with a damp cloth this time round. Ensure that the dials, vents, and other mechanical or electrical parts don't get into contact with water.

Weekly Cleaning

This time round the cleaning is more detailed. Completely empty the removable water tank and flush it with warm water in the case of V3100 and V3900, and set it aside for a while. In the case of V3100 and similar models allow air to flow through the wicking filter, and stop when it is completely dry. Clean the interior of the V3100s water tray using a cloth that is wet with vinegar. Vinegar helps to remove the scale deposits in the tray. After cleaning use warm water to rinse. Clean the exterior of your Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier weekly to make it look clean and presentable. Afterall, the more clean you humidifier is, the more you increase its chances of completely filtering out dirt particles which is a plus for you.


After cleaning it is good to disinfect you Humidifier. This is done by pouring a mixture of 1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water into the reservoirs. Wipe out every interior surface with a cloth dampened in the bleach water. Finally pour out the water and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

For daily and weekly cleaning it is good you have the following things: clean cloth, paper towels, sponge, vinegar, measuring spoon, and a new filter

Point note

The manufacturer of the Vicks Cool Mist filters, recommends that you change your filter frequently, possibly every one to three months

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