We’ll show ‘em!

Here’s a little history:

Growing up, I was totally the fat girl who was taller than everyone in class, and wore a sweatshirt and baggy jeans every day. I hung out with the “mean boys” and didn’t have a boy even interested in me until 9th grade. I was totally massacred by my classmates about my weight until… well, I’m out of high school, so until high school. ;)

As we stand today, I have an average(-ish?) body type, definitely not a rail by any means… I’m pretty well off upstairs and, after playing soccer for 10 years, I’ve got legs that could kill. Literally.

Anyway, to the point. I really am a powerful believer in the “fashion’s not just for the skinny bitches” religion – whatever religion that is. I was browsing Too Fat for Fashion and stumbled upon this quote from the beautiful Jennifer Hudson:

 “I have the height of a model, the breasts that people pay for and the lips that everybody wants, so why should I change? I wouldn’t change myself for anything or anybody. That will never happen.”

I wanted to share that with you because, even if you’re not a girl with some “fluff”, it reminds us all that we’re totally hot, no matter the size. Whatever that number on the back of your dress is – forget it, it’s just counting the decibels of hot you radiate. ;)


Miss Elle

Miss Elle is a photographer and style-obsessed artist living in Seattle, WA.

  • Chelsea Rae

    This is so true. I hate when people nit-pick and their weight or say they can’t wear something because they’re too big/small. I feel like its a cop out. I you want to wear something then do it, and if you feel great in it, then wear it again. Its that simple!

  • Jon

    I disagree. Some clothes ARE meant for certain body types. Whether you feel great in it or not, it doesn’t matter, unfortunately.

    Speedos on a fat guy makes it look like he’s wearing dental floss up his ass.

    (Then again, NO ONE should wear speedos.)

    No one should wear those horrible plastic shoes that so many people wear. Unless you’re 12 and under.

    No one should wear baggy pants with the pant crotch located somewhere around the knees. I just always want to de-pants them.

    My last “no one should wear” rant is about sports apparel. I despised the fad in the 1990’s where everyone was wearing Chicago Bulls stuff. Hats, t-shirts, jerseys, jackets and shoes. Some people actually would dress HEAD TO TOE in Bulls apparel. Once Jordan retired, and the Bulls started to suck, the clothes disappeared into the backs of closets, never to be seen again.

    In my opinion, sports apparel should e worn as a sign of fan support, not as a fashion statement or because that certain team is “in” or “hip” at the moment. For example, whether they win or lose, I wear my Montreal Canadiens jersey with pride, not because they are winning.

    *End rant*

  • Interesting perspective! I can see where you’re coming from – but the idea was less about -obvious- faux pas and more about things that girls don’t think they can wear because “they’re not stick skinny” and the likes.

    Hopefully everyone knows not to wear Crocs, speedos, and Bulls gear as “fashion”… ;)

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