Be a Summer Pro(fessional)!

Just as the high boots come out for winter, and our cardigans turn into woolen blazers, when summer comes begrudgingly around the corner, our work wardrobes start to change.

There are so many rules to be followed, though! That is, if you’re in an office setting that demands professional attire… You have qualms, you’re young! You’re vibrant! A tweed suit doesn’t…. suit everyone! What’s a girl to do? The summer creates opportunities for some wonderful things: peep toes/sandals, shorts, tanks and happy makeup – but how do you take it to work without looking a damn, trampy fool?

Here’s my solution:

Charlotte Russe Cropped Trousers$24.99
These are perfect for the workplace! Roomy enough to let you move around, but the trouser aspect still keeps it work appropriate.

Rampage Printed Chiffon Bubble Cami$34.00
Definitely a summer staple, there’s enough coverage where you can be cool and clean, but still go from work to drinks or a show afterwards.

Payless Infared Platform Pump$22.99
Not only is a red sandal just hot, hot, hot – but this is the perfect execution of a smokin’ hot shoe that can really work it at the office.

Rampage Dash Striped Short Sleeve Jacket$49.99
I chose this jacket mostly because it’s adorable, but also because it’s something that you can keep on all day, in case you’re worried about the tie-shoulders of the top.

Forever 21 Locked in Lucite Necklace$7.80
A gold necklace with clear won’t be too outspoken against the print of the top, but will catch the light occasionally to give you that awesome glitter.

Everything is still comfortable, airy and chic while still being work appropriate.

What’s your summer staple for the office?


Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “Be a Summer Pro(fessional)!

  • June 25, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I am all over this outfit! Very cute. The white top is very me.

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