Beachy Sandals – A Necessity for Summer

You know what I like to do?

When it gets hot out, I love to plan a trip to the beach with my friends. So when the time comes, I throw on a mini, a silk halter top, and to really exemplify the joys of summer, my faaaavorite stiletto sandals to go pal around on the beach!

Not. That’s insane. And I see it every damn time I go to the beach! Gorgeous girls with their arms out to the sides, balancing across the sand while their 4 inch stiletto sandals sink into the sand with each step.

The look at left is from Chanel’s 2009 Resort collection. While it’s totally cute, it’s the absolute wrong thing to wear around any type of unstable sand-like terrain.

So allow this post to be more of a Public Service Announcement for all those who think that the beach is a showcase for your highest heels. The whole “mini” thing is okay, I guess. Mostly just because of the phenomenon of “swimsuit coverups” and I have to say, a cute sheer tunic over an adorable swimsuit is undeniably beachy.

I’ve selected some of the cutest beach-appropriate sandals I can find. Don’t worry! Those of you who hover around 5’1″ and can’t get through the day without an artificial height fix, there are some heels and wedges in there, but nothing extravagant. Worried? Girls… you know how I do. These are hot on or off the beach.



Steve Madden “Copula” Patent Sandals


I love. these. I love the yellow possibly the most, but if you’re not into it, they also come in white, pink, black, and green paisley. Easy and adorable.


Steve Madden Silver Foil “Knitte” Sandals

$69.95 $49.95

Here’s a little one inch heel for you shorties. I love the t-strap, too. Under jeans, with a skirt, underneath a coverup tunic or caftan… Adorable! And if the silver/gold combo grosses you out, these also come in black patent, blue suede, or white leather.


Steve Madden Black Leather “Jannis” Sandals

$99.95 $69.95

Easily the sauciest of my Steve Madden picks… I love the black leather, but they also have this really awesome multi-colored version that I just have to show you:


I couldn’t pick, honestly. I love statement shoes like these! They also come in silver, which are almost as hot as these two.

Now onto some EXTRA sweet deals: PAYLESS SHOE SOURCE who is having their BOGO sale right now!

Mork Mirrored Sandal

Mork Mirrored Sandal


Easy and free! A little height, and endless coordination opportunities.

Nicole Sandal Wedge

Nicole Sandal Wedge


This is the perfect selection for someone who likes the first sandal, but wants something a little more casual.

Reynolds Sandal

Reynolds Sandal


These are fun and a little funky-boho… I dig the ease of them.

Holla Banana Wedge

Holla Banana Wedge


These are my glamorama choice from Payless. They’re just interesting enough to really catch eyes, but they’re study and stable, too! They’re only available online, so don’t go to the store and get disappointed!

Now go take on the sun!


Probably watching Netflix.

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  • June 23, 2008 at 9:05 am

    You mean not everyone wears 5 inch heels to the beach…haha! I’m totally a swimsuit, skirt (as cover-up), and flip flops kind of girl— the beach is the only time I’ll actually wear flip flops. I do like the black Steve Maddens though!

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