Discrimination in Fashion?: Let me count the [potential] ways…

I was reading one of my favorite style blogs, StyleDash, and came upon an article referring to the ethnicity diversity in fashion week.

It referred to Jezebel‘s article which tallied up the different ethnicities presented in big-big-big name designer shows during the most recent fashion week.

Before traversing over to Jezebel‘s post, I thought to myself “Okay, people… We’re getting a little hungry for some controversy, don’t you think? We’ve already got major discussion on the weight, facial features, social lives and lineage of half the models that hit a runway – do we really need to bring racism into the mix?

So I clicked over and saw some pretty amazing statistics. So, let’s play a little game.

Which major runway designer used the following array of models in their Fashion Week show?:

Out of 58 models:
1 Asian
1 African American
56 Caucasian

Do you all have your guesses? Here’s a hint for the well-versed:

That’s right! Balenciaga.

Who used 30 models, one of which was indigenous Brazillian, the rest white girls? Christian Lacroix.

These are some amazing stats. I’ve never thought about it before now but – it’s really relevant!

My absolute props go to Vivienne Westwood, who used 25 models, 2 Asian, 5 African American, and 1 Latina. Bravo! I guess.

But I want to know what you think: