Eccentric Nouveau

Isabella Blow had hats, and her jaw-dropping personality.

Virginia Bates won everyone over with her resurrected styles and confidence.

Betsey Johnson. Easily one of my favorite living people. She does what she wants, designs what she wants, and without a drop of shame. *swoon!*

ec·cen·tric [ik-sen-trik, ek-] –adjective

deviating from the recognized or customary character, practice, etc.; irregular; erratic; peculiar; odd: eccentric conduct; an eccentric person.

We live in a world that has two views of eccentricity:

1. Scared, which results in mockery and judgement

2. Intrigue, which results in praise and mimicking

Certainly, not everyone is so black & white in their preferences… But, let me tell you, it takes some serious ovaries to step out in a reflection of your true personal style. I’m guilty as charged – I check my butt in the mirror before I go, I put on that extra inch of heel to make my legs feel long… But I also consider myself a very individual person, and quite confident.

So if I feel that way, and my fanny can’t pass the front door without making sure my pockets are ironed – imagine a single conversation from one of our many beautiful eccentrics. They live their life through art, and the art is themselves! What a beautiful concept.

My challenge to everyone today is to try stepping out in something that’s purely you, and try to avoid that hallway mirror…

Here are some goals and mindsets to get you started:

Your weight? Doesn’t matter.

Your favorite color may be the MOST important color ever – even if you think it “washes you out.”

Accepting this challenge myself, here are some of the garments I think I’d choose to have in my life if when I achieve such confidence…(PS – No one said eccentric dressing had to be expensive…)

Lewis Cho Striped Asymmetrical Mock Neck Dress
Lewis Cho Striped Asymmetrical Mock Neck Dress

Look at all those stripes!! I love it. I love the mock turtle-neck of the dress, I love the crazy seams, the sleeves – it’s beautiful! But I’ve been taught since my time in the womb that anything except vertical stripes were a BIG FAT NO! Two shades of this striped dress are $203.00 $103.50.

Rachel Pally Piped Sailor Dress
Rachel Pally Piped Sailor Dress

I want to devour the piping on this dress. Typically, I wouldn’t buy it because a) it’s short and I’m thigh-concious, b) the yoke (neck and chest area) is cut in such a way that it’d look like a sack on me, and I’ve got a rack on me, so usually it’d be a no… But in the interest of eccentricity – it’s a yes! $205.00 $61.50. (I also prefer the teal color – click the image to see!)

Give this style a shot! All you’ve got to lose is… well, nothing! Just remember to rock it like you invented it, and you’ll be as fabulous as ever.


Probably watching Netflix.

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  • December 9, 2010 at 3:57 am

    Some beautiful styles there! I like the betsey johnson one!

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