Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags that Aren’t Boring!

I know I’m a day late (Earth Day was yesterday…), but it’s ALWAYS a good idea to think about eco-friendly products, you know?

In Washington, Democrat Representative Maralyn Chase is proposing that plastic bags be BANNED from stores, forcing consumers to bring their own bags, or buy them at the store. China and San Francisco have already done this, and I think it’s a great idea.

But I don’t think that you should have to be stuck with an ugly burlap sack for your shopping needs… I think bags should be just as stylish as anything else! Especially if they’re going to be permanent shopping fixtures.

I found some shop-worthy bags that aren’t bad on the environment or the wallet.

Dogeared Canvas Bag in Kiss
from Pink Mascara

LOVE that phrase!

I’ve posted these before, but I adore them, so they’re going up again!

Women: Women's Graphic Linen-Blend Totes - Olive Butter

Old Navy Graphic Linen-Blend Tote – Olive Butter


Women: Women's Graphic Linen-Blend Totes - Gray

Old Navy Graphic Linen-Blend Tote – Gray


Women: Women's Graphic Linen-Blend Totes - Coffee Grounds

Old Navy Graphic Linen-Blend Tote – Coffee Grounds


Leftover Bags Realfashion Tote

Leftover Bags Realfashion Tote from ShopBop


Coca-Cola Brits Wits Tote

Coca-Cola Brits Wits Tote from eBags


Try using one of these instead of getting plastic or paper bags at the grocery store – you’ll feel like a better person, I promise!


  • Foregoing plastic bags does make you feel like a better person indeed.

    I love these bags, especially the first one!

  • Psyche: I do, too! I found one by Kenneth Cole that says “USE ME again and again and again… I’m used to it.” but it was all sold out. =( And it was only $20!