Experimental Style: Mauve Lips


I’ve always been a girl who loves her nude lip color. That gives me a good excuse to make my eyes dramatic, keep my teeth looking their normal color (not green, or blue, or whatever), and just throw it on without worrying if it matches or not. But recently, I was given a lip color from a friend (it didn’t work for her skin) that was called “Mauve Illusion.” Mystical names aside – it certainly wasn’t nude. But I’ve been on a “broaden your horizon and find several styles” kick lately, so I thought I’d try it out.

The color looks terrifying in the tube – pink. Not just pick, though – pepto pink. I mustered along anyway. I’m not usually a lipstick girl in any color. I like my stains, and I like my gloss. But this lipstick (Avon) was soooo creamy. It was like a hardened butter-cream frosting (sorry if that just triggered anyone’s dessert gland).

I was shocked with the initial glance in the mirror, post-application, but after a few minutes and a shirt change or two, I found that this mauve color is actually more neutral than I gave it credit for.

Experimental Style: Mauve Lips

The only bad thing – it kisses off. It teacups off. This maybe isn’t the best brand. However, here are some trustworthy mauve-sticks:

Max Factor Color Perfection in Mauve Shimmer (Drugstore.com)


CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Mauvelicious (Drugstore.com)



theBalm Read My Lips in Scoop (Beauty.com)


They all look like different colors, but different skintones change the way the pigments look – so brave up and give it a shot. Oh, and the only possible other negative: saying the word “mauve” makes me feel like a 50-year-old, chainsmoking ex-NYC-socialite with massive egocentric tendencies. “Mauuuuuuuve, dahling… Maaaaauuuuuuuuvvvve.

Whatever, I’ll get over it.


Probably watching Netflix.