GG Ripoff: Blair’s Bus Ensemble

When she stepped off the bus, not only did she look fierce, but Blair Waldorf looked comfortable, chic and flirty as hell.

The best part is that there were only 4-5 components of her look, all easily incorporated into your currently wardrobe for easy mix’n’match outfits in the future.

While we can’t exactly tell you where the Broke & Beautiful girl would obtain several leather handbags and Louis Vuitton luggage for super cheap, we can give you some ideas for a Blair-inspired outfit of your own – definitely on the cheap.

Sweet Pea Floral Split Neck Topfrom Bluefly :: $90 $44.99
Truck Jeans Overdyed Shorts from Alloy :: $29.50 $22.50
Guess “Expected” Slingback Pump from Endless :: $109.95 $60.47
Shiraleah Jennifer Tote from eBags :: $46
Forever 21
Polly Headband :: $3.80

Easy, huh? There’s no doubt that, with the last few days of summer approaching, you will look anything but chic in this getup.