Gossip Girl: Summer, Kind of Wonderful

I’ll admit it, I’m as addicted as every other giant fashion lover… Gossip Girl is my new crack cocaine.*

*Just to clarify – I never had an “original” crack cocaine…

This episode was long, long, long overdue, fix-wise, but when it came, it was full force back in to the dramatic, over-the-top-, way too expensive style that it left us in.

Blair’s back from wherever, Serena is Hampton blah blah… Look at what they’re [told to be] wearing!

Leighton Meester, aka Blair Waldorf, completely takes the prize for Best Dressed, Season 2 Ep. 1. This isn’t surprising considering the entire episode was basically about her… But damn if she doesn’t look good while stealing the limelight.

More pictures and junk after the jump.

Blair rocked everything from quaint floral dresses to a white-hot mini dress while co-stars like Blake Lively were metallic-caftan-tastic throughout almost the entire hour. I understand its the Hamptons, but really? Isn’t she the star?

Blake redeemed herself at the end of the episode, however, by rocking an awesome, Grecian-esque white dress at their “White Party.”

My favorite part of this isn’t the dress, actually… It’s the metallic hair wrap she’s got wrapped around her crown, paired with a messy updo, looking totally effortless, but glamorous at the same time. I have to say… The silver wrap + silver cuff + gold shoes bothered me because, well, I’m one of those people, you know?

Taylor Momsen, my potentially favorite new lady on the scene, had some air-time but very few outfit changes, which surprised me. Her most memorable outfit was one (“of her own creation”) at the afforementioned “White Party”:

I still can’t believe this girl is supposed to be 14. If my 14 year old daughter left the house in 4 inch heels and a lace mini-dress… I’d high-five her for a minute, then send her ass BACK to her room to change. Hello! 14!

…But the dress is really pretty fabulous.

ANYWAY, back to Leighton Blair. She rocked the short shorts off the bus (fabulous), then got into a gorgeous vintage-y, sunflower printed bathing suit, then into a cute green and white dress, then got into one of the cutest floral dresses I’ve seen all summer. Oh and then into the white-hot mini dress, as mentioned previously.

Okay, the shoes I could probably do without… But that’s the first time I’ve seen a giant hot pink belt work on… anyone. Ignore what Blake’s wearing, it’s really not worth mentioning. It’s just a strange the dress with awful, round-the-nipple stitching. Awful.

White. Hot. The bottom of the dress is very Hervé Leger, while the top is really criss-cross-y and flattering. Teeny tiny white dresses! Who buys those, anyway? Doesn’t matter, that thing is hot.

As per usual, Blair – the official Queen of Headband-ery puts every hair-accessory-wearing cheap trick in their place with her white rose headband.

(Ugh, that image still gives me a knot in my sad little stomach.) Look at it! Look at the genius head-apparel she’s got. The best part is – normal people can get away with this! I swear! Give it a try, you’ll be sassing everyone and looking hot. Promise.


Everyone needs a white dress. Mini? Maybe not, but you need one. Try this one from Nicole Miller (#310 $149.99):

Nicole Miller white crinkle denim sheath dress

No metallic caftans unless you’re going to wear a different one every day for 3 days.

Headbands are… amazing. Whether they’re metallic strands wrapped around the crown or a simple rosette, they’re essential. If you really love Blair’s rose headband, here it is for $68. The Marciano Rose Headband in black.

xoxo (I did it before them!).

  • Annie Spandex

    That dress and those pom-pom shoes Little Miss Lolita is wearing are really adorable!

    • I keep staring at them, too… I wonder if I could find some/get away with wearing them…

  • Steff

    Ahhh I love her!

  • Steff

    Oh Taylor Momsen is 15 not 14 actually. She turned it this summer. =]

    • Ahh, thank you! She’s genius. :)

  • That silver head wrap was my favorite part of the entire episode.

    I’m looking for an excuse to replicate it right. now.

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  • Oh i totally love gossip girl! I’ve only just started watching season one (Stupid free to air tv is slow)

    I totally want blairs white clutch. Where is that from?

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  • The Head Bandit

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