Gossip Girl: The Dark Night

This was a particularly fancy episode, thanks to a scandalous soiree… So let’s get to the garments.

Leighton/Blair always has the sassiest, most preppy attire – which I loved. As she was scheming, she wore a cute, sleeveless, ruffled top with a dusty gold headband. Too cute. Also, too confining. I love her when she’s minx-ish.

I have to say, though… A gauzy prep top could easily be glammed up for an unexpected dose of sultriness… I’ll give the girl some props.

Enter Catherine: the cougar after her step-son’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Hot, huh? I love the sheen-y shirt plus high-waisted pencil skirt she rocked in the Ralph Lauren store – such a timeless look. Albeit a bit boring for the set of Gossip Girl, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Welcome to the worst set of outfits in the entire episode. Come on, guys… A crappy tie-dyed tank and jeans with flip flops? Are we trying desperately to relate to the demographic of our viewers, or what? I don’t know about you… But I don’t watch the show because I can relate to it. The only redeeming thing about this entire scene is that there’s frozen yogurt involved.


I’m so upset that this is the best photo I could find of Catherine’s gorgeous fucsia dress… LOVE it! It has inspired me with post ideas, and self-ideas and… well, lots of ideas! I loved the vibrant, un-autumn-like colors, and the cut of the dress was slick. I hope you guys all got to see it!

DRESS OF THE EPISODE! Leighton wore the most gorgeous, almost lemon-y one-shoulder dress at her little shindig. I loved the length of the sleeve and the pleats in the skirt – awesome! I’ve been seeing a lot of pleats lately… Hmmm…

Obligatory eye candy. No commentary necessary.

The capper to the episode featured Jessica (Vanessa) wearing a long, deep v-neck floral gown which… was sort of ho-hum to me. The entire episode was sort of ho-hum, as was the last one (hence the lack of posts about it). I do love the cut, though, I just wish the fabric weren’t so… Grandma’s chair.

There was very little from my new favorite lady, Taylor Momsen. In one of two scenes she was in, she was covered with shopping bags, while in the other, you barely even saw her little navy blue (?) frock. Disappointing.

I am upset, however, that I couldn’t find a decent photo of the dress that Blake Lively wore on the elevator. She always frames her little boobs so nicely. (What?! It’s true!) It featured a neat geometric pattern and a great, great cut.

Here’s to hoping that next episode kicks the fashion back into gear. We started off with a bang in episode one, but it seems like the stylists are just getting lazy at this point.


Probably watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl: The Dark Night

  • September 16, 2008 at 5:22 am

    Ah I can’t believe I missed it, I totally forgot that this was even on last night! Oh well, will have to catch up tonight – can’t wait to see the full shot of Blair’s yellow dress, it looks STUNNING.

    Ss last blog post: The Coldest Heart on http://www.modern-guilt.com

  • September 17, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I loove that V-neck silk blouse that Catherine is wearing. It reminds me of this super-cute v-neck chiffon dress that one of the The Watson Twins was wearing in Ragged. I downloaded the issue that mixes music and fashion at RaggedMag.com

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