Harvest the “crops” for Fall ’08

… because they will be ready.

Cropped denim and pants will start popping up all over once the cooler weather hits, in all shapes and sizes. They’re really quite versatile and have upgraded their tailoring since the years of pedal pushers or capris.

A lot of people lately seem to be confusing cropped with capri… A good cropped pant will go no lower than your ankle (think where that “bump” is on the outside of your ankle – that’s your cut off point!) and no higher than the bulk of your calf muscle (where the definition is when you stand on your tip-toes). A capri will typically hold its hems just below the knee, or around the largest part of your calf muscle…

THIS IS A HUGE NO-NO! A pant hem that lies just below the knee will make your calf muscle (toned or not) look ENORMOUS and bulbous in comparison to the knee are, which is slimmer. However, placing the hem around the largest part of your calf will make the lower part of your legs look out of proportion and, well… cankle-y. No one likes a cankle.

Women: Skinny ankle-zip jeans - cool grey
GAP Skinny Ankle-Zip Jeans

The best thing about cropped pants (like these) is that they can take you from day to night, week to weekend, errands to glamour just with the help of some key accessory swaps like shoes, jewelry and/or handbag – two out of three can be carried with you if you can’t make it home before you have to switch lifestyles!

The gray jeans above would be perfect for errands and casual drinks, or they can easily be glammed up for a night on the town!

If you’re thinking “grey skinny jeans… some of us have to WORK, Miss Elle!” … I have a solution for that, too! Cropped pants cure all!

Women: Women's Cotton Twill Lowest Rise Trousers - Stainless SteelWomen: Women's Cotton Twill Lowest Rise Trousers - KhakiWomen: Women's Cotton Twill Lowest Rise Trousers - Black
Old Navy Cotton Twill Lowest Rise Trousers

$29.50 $25

These twill trousers are great because they have a nice, flat front that’ll keep you looking trim no matter what size you are, and they hit you right at the bottom of the calf muscle, keeping your legs looking long and sleek. The best part about these is that they’re low enough to pair with either dressy-ish flats or heels. Additionally, they’re simple enough to serve as the base for a statement top, my favorite thing!

If you’re looking for something a little less “stuffy” and a bit more fun and casual, these ought to do you just fine:

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Women: Women's Perfect Cropped Khakis - Blue WhaleWomen: Women's Perfect Cropped Khakis - Coffee GroundsWomen: Women's Perfect Cropped Khakis - Jalapeno
Old Navy Perfect Cropped Khakis

This are cotton khaki pants that will allow your legs to move and be free! However, I’d suggest that you be sure you fit yourself properly, as in close to the body in the thigh and a tiny bit more loose from the knee on, so they fall straight instead of tapered. This will ensure your lean silhouette.


Please, keep the flip flops out of the workplace or cocktail lounge… They belong in the park, or in your house – really.

I’d pair these pants with slingback platforms, patent leather flats, brightly colored pumps, orĀ  peep-toe platforms.

Things I would not suggest attempting would be shooties/ankle boots, or pointed-toe stilettos. These will just look silly and create an imbalanced ratio of skin to fabric on your bottom half, making you look… well, stubby, for lack of a better word.


Do what I did! I took my old dusty-rose colored skinny jeans to the tailor and said “Get rid of 2-3 inches at the bottom.” What once was a long skinny jean is now a brilliant cropped skinny!


Enjoy the harvest!


  • S

    LOVE those Gap zipper grey skinnies! Great finds I think :)

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  • ando mc

    Yep, these jeans are going to be everywhere soon. Im trrying to steer clear and wear Denim Shorts with tights combo – its getting a bit cold for this look now though!