Hook, Line, Sinker: Bone Hook Necklaces

Behold! The amazing Whitney Thompson, winner of the most recent America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 10). The first model with some ta’s! It’s about time!

My good friend Jen alerted me to this stunning photo of Whitney after her victory on the show, and she was simply captivated by the beautiful “fish hook necklace” and summoned me to find it for her.

After some scouring, disappointment and ADD/sidetracking, I struck gold! And the necklaces pictured above are even more varied and plentiful than ever! Definitely a unique piece.

The sit I found calls them “Maori Style Bone Fish Hook Necklaces”, which is a little wordy for my taste, so I’m sticking with “Maori Hook Necklaces” – how do we know they’re really fish hooks, anyway?

So if you love the exact necklace that Whitney’s wearing above, here it is, and the price… is good and all prices include Standard US Shipping.

The shiny black bone (which is actually water buffalo horn) and the rugged rope necklace give off a really beautiful contrast and will definitely get noticed. Best of all? The price is only $24 and there are 97 available. Purchasing details at the bottom of this post (Item #MA-04-B).

There are tons of other styles, shapes, combos and details available from these manufacturers. If black is a bit too heavy for you, there’s an exact replica in white (cow bone…):

I quite like the white version, personally. I love the visible details and engravings in both the hook and the beads (Item #MA-07).

Here are some more styles to choose from (item numbers listed below photo):

(“Circle of Life”, #IBP-08, $56)

(Octopus, #IBA-22-3, $89)

(#BH-07, $20)


Super! Click here to go to the website. The directions at the bottom of the page instruct you to make a list of all the quantities and item numbers, then go to this page and follow directions further.

Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!