I Wish I Was… A Chloe’ Shoe

“I Wish I Was” takes a look inside the ever-growing world of borderline and blatant copyright infringement in the fashion industry.

Today’s I Wish I Was award goes to… Forever 21 for it’s dark & piped interpretation of the beautiful Chloe’ oxford bootie we all love so dearly and the super-ripped-off triple-buckle heel.

Chloe’ shoe: $313.00


Aaand Forever 21’s totally original Galloway Triple Strap Pump:

Forever 21 shoe: $22.80

And one of the BEST Chloe’ booties ever…

Price: $438.00

What do you think of Forever 21’s bootie:

Price: $39.80

The thing that caught my eye was the short, broad toe that Chloe’ seems to have… really got down.

What do you think? Creative, or copycat?


  • Chelsea Rae

    Oh, Forever 21… you will always be my favorite knock-off queen, but they originals are much better. Plus, the shoes from Forevs are bound to hurt my feet, too bad!

  • it’s clearly not creative.High street fashion is known for copying catwalk. sometimes it’s so flagrant that makes you want to tag the product yourself and make everyone believe it’s the “real thing”. However, none of the above models touches me. I’m more of a ankle bootie and/or flat type.

  • amj

    chloe shoes are really nice
    i got 2 pairs :)))