Iconic: Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit

Since the theme of Broke & Beautiful these days has been somewhere along the lines of: rebellious chic, rocker glam, and feminine sophisticate… I figured that this would be the perfect time to introduce you to Liela Moss of the UK rock group, The Duke Spirit.

She’s got a passion for black, an obsession with feathers, and a voice reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane after meeting the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, blending individuality with classic technique.

After hearing The Duke Spirit’s new CD, Neptune (a little bit of psychadelia, a little bit of classic crooning, and a whole lot of soulful tunes…), I decided I needed to put a face to the voice. Lo and behold, I’d been listening to an iconic pioneer of rocker glam without even knowing it!

While she definitely strikes the eye as a rock & roll girl who can definitely hang with the boys, she always has at least one component of her ensemble that screams “feminine… but don’t think you can f**k with me”. And I 100% LOVE that.

The first photo is my favorite. She’s totally owning that babydoll dress with black leggings and sleek blond hair – but it’s not too girly at all! It’s the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

As for her feather addiction? Totally warranted. Feathers are a sign of freedom, softness and elusive mystery – which is exactly how I view Liela Moss. From her slightly smoky emotional vocals to her paradoxial wardrobe, she’s a total representation of feminine, edgy woman.

LOVE it.


PS! Check out The Duke Spirit’s album “Neptune” on their MySpace page!

Stay tuned for more about Liela Moss!

  • sheila b

    I saw the band open for BRMC and Liela is totally FIERCE!!!