Into The Deep Blue… Nails

Image by Zeni

It’s no secret that deep blue, rich-hued nails are the nail color explosion Spring 2008 will ever see, but do you really want to throw down appx. $20 on a tiny bottle of polish?

You guys know that’s not my style. If you’re interested in how the fashion-house-brands it’s been received by the lovely blogging community, there are reviews here (Temptalia – the official beauty product goddess – reviews Chanel Blue Satin), here (Temptalia reviews Dior Poison Blue), here (Daneen of Spoiled Pretty fame reviews Chanel Blue Satin), here (Steeping Beauty reviews Chanel Blue Satin), and here (Make Her Up reviews Dior Poison Blue).

All Lacquered Up has a great photo review here, too.

I just want to give you a fair scope, you know? :)

You can go here to read about the Wet’n’Wild Denim Chrome color, which is nearly identical, and approximately $2. Buy it at any local drug store, easy.

But if you’re not necessarily needing that deep, black-blue – but you love the effect, here are some other options to achieve that “vampy-but-sexy-and-chic” look:

essie nail colour Polish, Licorice

Licorice is a deep black color with a lot of gloss to reflect the light and keep you out of the “Middle School Goth” catagory.

essie nail colour Polish, Wicked

Wicked is a dark but rich reddish-brown that will stay just neutral enough to go with almost any color.

Lippmann Collection Nail Color, Rehab

This one is admittedly a little more pricey than I want it to be, but regularly has great sales, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Rehab is the closest I think I can get (other than W’n’W Denim Chrome) to the original Chanel/Dior color. It’s made with Green Tea and Biotin, so your nails won’t mind either.

But if you really love the blue in the Satin above, here’s an option that’s a little lighter, but still classy:

CoverGirl CG Boundless Color Nail Polish, Blue You 573

So give these colors a shot and, as always, I love to hear reader reviews on products!