New Obsession: Elum Designs

Elum Designs is a stationery, invitation and calendar designer that’s taken paper design to a whole new level. Based out of San Diego, the artist discovered her talent while designing wedding invitations for brides and grooms in SoCal when she was presented with a huge challenge: designing her own wedding invitations.

Now we all get to enjoy Elum Designs’ massive talent! Hooray!

The thing I especially love about this site is that they recognize the importance of letting people feel appreciated through handwritten notes:

We know that you can email a friend a message in mere seconds, and we know that stationery isn’t the necessity that it used to be. But, we see stationery as having a new place in our technological world. We see it as art.

LOVE THAT. Okay, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get to the gear!

Four Seasons Calendar


Look at this calendar and tell me it’s not beautiful. I love the color combonations, I love the imagery, and I love the design. It’s make on 100% rag cotton and each quarter celebrates the end of each season. Swoon!

Aviary Desk Set

$150 for 315 pieces

Okay, okay, wait – before you go off on me about the price, I have to repeat that this includes 315 pieces of stationary! And a sexy yellow and gray box which I love. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 35 folding note cards with 35 envelopes
  • 50 round cornered flat notes
  • 35 monarch stationery sheets
  • 75 custom monarch sized envelopes
  • 35 folding gift enclosures with 35 envelopes

I think it’s DEFINITELY worth saving up for. As a photographer and classy broad, every model I work with gets an 8×10 lustre print from their shoot and a beautiful thank you card from me – so I’m a big fan of stuff like this. :)

Butterfly Drift Journal


Anyone who’s either gone through my closet, or stepped into my bedroom knows my absolute infatuation with dark brown and Tiffany blue is almost out of hand… But this journal is an indulgence I just have to take.

Boudoir Set of Blank Stationery

From $12.50 to $16 per style

This is a waaay more affordable version of the above desk set, and they actually have even MORE design options, too!

I really encourage you to check out the site. It’s really a beautiful site, too… Very easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the max.