Not So Basic Basics

After I live my whooooole life… If there’s a word that I never want to have attributed to my time on earth – it’s the word “basic“. Whether it’s clothes, communication, lovers, aspirations, or whatever… If anything can be described as “basic”, then I’m going to be one unhappy after-lifer.

Where is she going with this?, I hear you asking. Well, aside from camisoles, socks and… well, that’s about it… Nothing that anyone should ever put on their bodies should be anything less than spectacular. Even if it wasn’t made in Milan, doesn’t have sequins and baubles, or its own private yacht – it should make you feel amazing. I overheard a couple women in the mall last week talking about a black sweater they were looking at…

I don’t like the neck… I mean, if I’m just getting a basic sweater, I don’t think it needs to have this boat neck, or 3/4 sleeves… It should just be basic, right?

I wanted to run over and scream “NO! You don’t need to do anything! Nothing you buy should or shouldn’t have anything! Buy what makes your body look and feel wonderful!”

But alas, I’m not [always] the type to bombard strangers in public places (or private, for that matter… where was I going with that?), so I just had to come home and ramble on to you all about it. As well as showing you some of my favorite “basics”… (PS – if you’re a layering junkie – you’ll definitely want to check this out!)

C&C California is my favorite company for this type of stuff. If you look at their catalog, you’ll see a lot of solid-color tops and dresses… But they’re anything but plain. Here are some of my super-affordable favorites.

Hi. How cute is this? I love this because, when you look at it all small (or far away), it just looks like a plain purple-ish top. But then you get closer and see all the details of this Layla Tunic. The wide hem at the neckline and the lacy detail at the bottom… It’s just awesome. Because it’s on sale right now for $49 (off $98), it’s only available in black. But think of the versatility! So much more than your average black tee.

I’ve had my eye on this shirt for a lonnnng time. Tie shirts are big right now, but aside from that, I just love how “easy” this shirt looks. Not “easy” like “not wearing pants and drunk”, but “easy” like effortless… But it’s such a classy piece of apparel, it’s timeless. I love the “faded black” color. Toni Top for $49 (off $98).

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This piece might be my absolute favorite thing from any of C&C California’s collections. It’s the first thing I thought of when I heard those women talk about sweaters… Personally, being an avid lover of the color brown mixed with lighter, feminine colors, this is the perfect sweater to me. It also comes in a “sangria” & navy blue combo, as well as a faded black & black pairing. I love the length of the sleeves, the color blocking, the gathering at the bust, the scoop neck… I just can’t find a thing wrong with it! The Jillian Scoop Neck Top is $44 (off $88)

I’m 100% in love with the neck on this dress. It’s almost a kimono-neck, but not really… Almost a shawl neck… But not really. The “abstract butterfly” print on this dress is really unique – you won’t think “Oh, that’s a dress covered in butterflies, and we’re in 4th grade”, it’s subtle enough to where it’s just… pretty. And the bell sleeves? Super, super flattering. Abstract Butterfly Molly Dress$79 (off $150)

Check out C&C California for an onslaught of fun layering pieces, and many, many more “not so basic” basics. They also have a TON of organic clothing, too!

C&C California, Inc.


  • Jami

    I’ve never been a huge fan of ‘basics’ either or the things that you ‘should own.’
    I really love that C&C tunic, adorable.