Obsession du jour: SIGG Bottles!

If you read my blog religiously (as you ought to!), you’ll know how crazy I am for this silly world we live in. I love me a good charity (especially if it involves buying something beautiful for a good cause), well-doing, and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Well, here’s a style-eco hybrid that I’m just crazy for: SIGG Water Bottles. Not only are they [obviously] reusable, but they’re completely recyclable and gorgeous. The bottle featured to the left is called “Fire Breather”, and it’s one of the 15 that I fell in love with as soon as I visited the SIGG website.

What’s even better about these gorgeous bottles? Spoiled Pretty is giving one away in another one of their coveted contests.

Go enter! Go buy. They’re all around $20 per bottle, and worth every penny!

Nubby loves her SIGG, too! Ask her for a testimonial!

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Probably watching Netflix.