Peaches and Dreams

With the arrival of new flowers, blossoming love lives, and thousands upon thousands of baby ducks come the need for skin revival as Spring takes root.

If you’ve been hiding in a box for the majority of winter, it’s safe to say that color is something that has only seen your face after a snowball assault, or extended stay in an ice hotel.

Peach blush is the ultimate weapon when it comes to reviving your “youthful glow” as we come back into the months that’ll allow us some (safely acquired!) sunshine.

Since peach is based in mostly golds and very soft pinks – it works with any skin tone to great a glowy brightness without, you know, being 5 years old.

Here are some quality options:

theBalm Stainiac Tinted Gel Blush Homecoming Queen

theBalm Stainiac Tinted Gel Blush in Homecoming Queen


This Stainiac Gel Blush does double-duty because it can be applied to the lips, too!

e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow


Can’t beat that price! And a good blusher brush to go with it is only $1, as well!

Playboy Beauty First Blush in Peach Bunny

Okay, hear me out! This blush actually has light-reflecting minerals in it to be sure that the “glow” is as effective as ever! Plus, I love Playboy, admittedly.

Give it a shot, let me know how you like it!


Photograph by Ellie