Pretty, Pretty Ta-ta’s

Everyone loves ’em. There are few things better than the feeling you get when you’re sitting at your office, dreading your next meeting, drinking stale coffee, and you remember…

You’re wearing the sexy panties

Just like the feeling of meeting with an ex-boyfriend who wronged you, and remembering that he’ll never see the sexy garter belt you’ve got hidden beneath your pencil skirt.

Or your boyfriend’s ex, who will never amount to the hotness that exists in the lacy, hot pink bra you’ve got concealed beneath your sweater.

It’s a feeling of power, confidence, and for me, a Secret Agent kind of obfuscation that can only be achieved in one way: pretty undies.

BUT! I have a problem. I, like many other women, were “blessed” with a naturally huge rack and, as we bust-tacular ladies know, larger bras are not exactly the most pretty things you’ve ever seen.

Oooh, sexy.

This has been the life of me, and many other women who are blessed/cursed/afflicted/etc. with a huge rack.

But there’s still hope! A sneaky little website titled Gigi’s Closet offers a little santuary full of gorgeous lingerie – no matter what your size is!

Just check out some of their options for us busty gals:

Goddess Deliliah Full Cup Bra

Simone Perele Argnetina Full Cup Bra
Simone Perele Argnetina Full Cup Bra

Fantasie Cally Full Cup Bra
Fantasie Cally Full Cup Bra

Fantasie Rimini Full Cup  Bras
Fantasie Rimini Full Cup Bras
$62 $37.20

How important are attractive underthings to YOUR wardrobe?


  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have the hardest time finding bras in my size (34DD) and I have a hard time paying full price for Victoria’s Secret bras because they seem very hit or miss with me. I have many a time wished that there was a US version of Bravissimo. As soon as I get paid I am SO buying some new bras.

    • Hey! We’re boobie buddies! I’m 34DD, too, and it seems like I’m only allowed to wear things from Macy’s on the sale rack if I want a bra under $50. Victoria’s Secret? Forget it! They never work.

      I’m glad this helped you out! <3

      • Michelle

        Haha! You know what it’s like then! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks VS is overrated, because any time I say that to anyone around here they give me a “wtf mate” look.

  • S

    I don’t have that problem, in fact quite the opposite…which totally sucks sometimes. I guess we always want what we don’t have right?

    S´s last blog post was If I could sleep forever…!

  • I think its super important! I have large boobs too and i hate nothing more than seeing those huge cone shaped minimizers! im so glad these are so pretty!

    jaimie´s last blog post was Spook My Face Contest Participants List # 1!

  • Andie

    Pleasing you solhud think of something like that