Purrrrrr… Cat Eyes for Fall!

Broke & Beautiful’s very first guest blogger is makeup artist and fashion addict, Erin Bush of Passion for Pretty! She’s here to fill us all in on the hottest cosmetic trends of the season.

Do you think Amy Winehouse when they hear “cat-eye”? (eeeek!) There really is a fine line between Amy Winehouse and being chic.

This fall, the cat-eye I am referring to is the sexy and super mod cat-eye! This entails dramatically lined eyes that make for a bold and flirty statement, making eyes POP with a Catwoman like allure. So break out those pencil-sharpeners, liquid liners, and magnifying mirrors… Cat-eyes are back for the Fall!

Truth: This is not the easiest look to pull together but with some practice, the right tools, and a delicious Martini (oops, lol) steady hand you too can rival the likes of Mrs. Jolie-Pitt herself. But lets get one tiny detail straight before you begin, dramatically lined eyes are a strong statement so don’t go overboard with extra makeup! Eye shadow should be clean and neutral in color unless you are going for a street walker type look. (I swear I would not judge you, just talk about you on my blog) You do have a choice in lip though: either ruby red/deep vamp lip for a classic finish, or a nude glossy lip for a fresh, modern, fashion-forward face.

You fist must decide which liner product you would like to use; you do have a few options:

  • Gel liners are pushing pencils aside because there’s no more irritated eyes or embarrassing smudges. Those looking to line the inside of the upper and lower lids are obsessing over gel liners – their formulations are water-resistant, won’t run and last for hours. The liners are easy to use and go on smooth without having to pull around your eye but using an angled liner brush.
  • Liquid liners are for those who have the patience to practice like a pro. They glide on gracefully and can look amazing if applied precisely. Start from the middle of your lash line and extend out while resting your wrist against your cheek or other hand. Then finish by connecting the line from the corner of your eye to where you made your first mark in the middle of your lash line.
  • Pencils are probably the easiest to use since most women are familiar and comfortable with using an eyeliner pencil. The only issue with a pencil is that you will not have the staying power that you would get with a gel or liquid liner meaning that your cat-eye could head South through out the course of the day making you look a bit raccoon-ish!

Now that you have decided on your liner, you are ready to follow these steps to have purrrrrrfect cat-eyes! (I couldn’t resist!)

You will need black liner of your choice,  a wash (even, thin layer) of a neutral, low shimmer color as your base, a semi-matte or darker brown for the crease, and highlight color of your choice.

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1. Start with a clean eye-space; if you fill-in your brows, you can do them now or later
(I prefer to do them first).

2. Apply your wash of neutral eye shadow onto your lid, pull it outwards to cover your entire lid. The color should be slightly lighter than your natural lid color.

3. Apply your highlight color starting below the inner portion of the brow. Pull the brow outwards along the underside of the brow, following its natural arch.

4. Apply your semi-matte deeper brown into the outer crease.

5. BLEND!!!

6. Now, with your liquid liner, use the applicator it came with if that suits you (this is what I did), and apply a fairly thin line along your upper lashes. If you do not like the applicator that comes with your liquid liner, you may want to try a fine-pointed liner brush or an angled brush. I find that if you tilt your head up and look down at the mirror, your lid will close enough to allow you to get close to your upper lash line while still being able to see. If there’s too much liquid liner on your brush, don’t fret, just wipe a bit of the excess on the back of your hand – remember, less is more. You can always build the liner’s intensity and thickness up, but it’s harder to correct it once it’s already there!

7. Taking your liquid liner brush and using the bottom lash line as a guide, act as if you are extending your lower lash line upwards by making a small flick. Where you have made the flick, use your liquid liner applicator to connect the flick back to the upper lashline, creating a kind of a triangle.

8. Apply your highlighter to your inner tear duct area and line your lower lashline if you choose.

9. Apply two coats of lash thickening and lash lengthening mascara for FAB lush lashes.

10. Viola, you have a cat eye!

Good luck ladies and line responsibly!

Smooches & Cat-Eye Quick Claps
Passion for Pretty

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  • I love cat eyes! I haven’t done it in awhile, nice to see it coming back!

    I love doing this for my daughters dance recitals as well, really makes the eyes more noticeable on stage.

    Ginny´s last blog post was The Secret is in the Sauce!

  • Mya

    Yes Miss Honey…I’m way too familiar with the cat eye…that’s my every day :) I actually use a pencil and it stays all day…Go Me!!! Love the blog and the tips for eye shadow application. Have you tried the Dusty Lilac & Sweet Plum together from Mary Kay? That’s a winner…


  • Meeeee-ow!

    So, what’s your take on sporting fake lashes (even just the little 2 strand pieces you add intermittently)? I love the huge Twiggy lashes and I saw a post about that somewhere – how false lashes are totally hot.

    I think it makes the cat-eye not look so… Winehouse. Thoughts? (I just want an excuse to wear them all the time! hehe!)

    • I LIVE FOR FALSE LASHES!!!!!! I prefer the clusters of 3 lashes over applying a whole strip but what I am VERY eager to try are the individual lash extensions – I know they are $150 to $200 but they look TOO fabulous to pass up on.

      I do believe that with a perfectly arched brow and either 3 coats of mascara or lash extensions that your eye pop.

      Smooches & Quick Claps