Running Gowns: Fitness and Fashion Collision?

A potential new trend? A manufacturer mistake taken seriously? Or an ultra-femme and potentially flattering method of fashionable exercise?

There are a variable number of ways to question and their promotion of “fitness skirts”. I, personally, am unsure if my soccer legs and tendency to enjoy NOT being looked at while working out would allow me to wear one of these strange, yet oddly intriguing fashions outfits.

Behold. The “Footloose Fitness Dress“. It’s actually pretty cute, you know, for a dress soon to be drenched in sweat, but is the potential attractive cutline going to take away from the drips and grunts associated with your everyday romp on the treadmill? We wonder.

Much less, does it deserve its $62.50 price tag? Hmmm…

We’re torn. But not… too torn…

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  • Chelsea Rae

    Honestly, when I go to the gym, I have every intention to show up any guy who thinks I’m just a silly little girl playing with weights. I’m not saying it happens, but I will definitely exceed their expectations. I’m not sure I want to plague my already tiny and unintimidating form with cutesy skirts while Mr. America is on the machine next to me grunting and sweating. I think I’ll stick to a tank top and soffes/sweatpants.

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  • I suppose they have tennis skirts, but I just cannot get into running skirts.

  • Chelsea Rae: Seriously! I love that attitude, girl. <3

    Sophia: I know, right? When I saw the tennis section, I was like “Okay…” but then the Triathlon section really threw me off…