Springtime LBlueDs on a Budget!

LBlueD stands for “Little Blue Dress.”

While winter LBDs were black, sultry frocks covered in bolero jackets, trenches and sweaters, springtime allows you to forego those excess items and, well, lighten up.

That’s why we’re introducing the Little Blue Dress! Something a little more springy and colorful, and it still qualifies as a neutral base that you can pair with anything! We humbly suggest a navy dress to keep the deep-colored base while still being a bit more festive than pitch black. WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A LBlueD yet?!

Unlike some black dresses, navy blue can easily be worn in the day without looking too… morose. It pairs extremely will with almost any other color, and is the perfect canvas for spring.

Let the LBlueDs roll!

La Befana navy jersey v neck sash dress

La Befana Jersey V-Neck Dress

$208 $99.99

I see slouch boots with this one!

Lux Spiral Chiffon Dress (UO)

C&C California Kerena Eyelet Dress

C&C California Kerena Eyelet Dress (SB)

Lux T-Shirt Dress

Dolce Vita Pleat-Front Banded Dress
$245 $129.99

Charlotte Halter Dress (F21)

Gathered Satin Dress (F21)

Give these navy beauties a shot. Feel free to pair with brown, white, gray (edgy!), yellow, etc… The possibilities are endless!


Probably watching Netflix.