Target Hits the Mark Again!

Target seems to be on a wonderful roll of splendor lately (though we all remember the tragic loss of Isaac Mizrahi a few weeks ago) and have taken on an even more fabulous designer capsule line for our broke-ass enjoyment.

February 1, 2008: Target Announces Jovovich-Hawk as the 10th GO. International designer!

Target is partnering with American designers Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk to create the next limited-edition collection for GO International┬«, an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by world-renowned designers. Arriving just in time for spring, [tag]Jovovich-Hawk’s exclusive collection for Target[/tag] launches at and at most Target stores nationwide beginning March 2, 2008.

Oh my stars, yes. Yes, yes, yes. [tag]Jovovich-Hawk[/tag] is the brainchild of f^$@ing gorgeous model/actor [tag]Milla Jovovich[/tag] and her even-still gorgeous cohort Carmen Hawk. This is the fifth year of their designer brand, and their Target brand should be effing sweet. Prices will range from $13.99 – $39.99… Something I can definitely shake hands with.

Target says that some of the star garments they’ll be presenting include scoop-neck sweater cover-ups, floral bikinis and a gold lurex minidress. DEAL. They’ll also have an accessories line including an “[tag]oversized linen bag[/tag] in navy, as well as a perfect beach-time black floppy hat”. CAN’T. WAIT.

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Jovovich Hawk for Target
Dot Print Wrap Cover-Up in Black/Tan, $29.99
Star Print Triangle Bikini Top in Black/Tan, $16.99

Jovovich Hawk for Target

Square-Neck Spring Floral Dress in Multicolor, $39.99

Jovovich Hawk for Target

Girl Screen Tee in Heather Gray, $12.99
High Waist Denim Pant in Dark Wash, $34.99
Linen Bag in Blue, $29.99

Jovovich Hawk for Target

Star Print Vest in Black/Tan, $29.99
Short-Sleeve Stripe Tee in Yellow/Cream, $14.99
Linen Shorts with Buttons in Blue, $26.99
Floppy Hat in Black, $14.99


I like it. It’s really kind of western-chic, I suppose I would say. Definitely has strong resemblances to their high-end designer line. I love that their collection is mostly made up of dresses – they’re on the rise, I tell you! – but I worry about some of the limited color-options. At the same time, you could take a pair of black/ivory platform peep-toe pumps to any of these outfits with some tights and make it winter-wearable. I give it 4 stars!

What’s YOUR favorite look or garment from these photos?


  • Jen

    The last look makes me want to start wearing shorts again this year. I’m going to have to ramp up my workouts!

  • Jen: I totally relate. I love the look of tights under shorts, too! We’ll have to do some yoga/pilates or something…