The Easy Chic

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With all the travelling I’ve been doing lately, it’s starting to feel like a day planner/personal assistant required task just to get presentable in the morning. Not only am I exhausted (can’t wait until THAT stops), but looking in my dissheveled/incomplete closet feels similar to what I assume staring down the barrel of a shotgun feels like – make a decision quickly, or it’s alllllll over. Over-thinking breeds bad decisions, and under-thinking breeds even worse: boredom.

So as I scroll through the latest posts of some of my favorite, and best dressed blogging colleagues, I can’t help but wonder: Is there a no-fuss way to achieve an acceptable, comfortable level of polish without needing a cup of coffee and a protractor?

Okay, maybe it’s only that tough after a particular type of previous evening, but it still happens, doesn’t it?

Well, if not, humor me, because I think I’ve come up with an answer.

There are typically ___ components of an outfit or look that take it from “eh” to polished:

  • A focal point
  • Flattering cut
  • An air of effortlessness

Typically, that last one comes less from the clothing and more from you. But the other two have an easy option.

A graphic tee, cropped pants, and statement shoes are all you need to leave the house looking dandy on those mornings when life is just a little harder than usual. If you want to go the extra mile, add a fitted blazer on top for 100% completion.

Photo by Phil and Pam.


Probably watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “The Easy Chic

  • November 21, 2008 at 10:39 am

    That is indeed a very fail-safe combo! I think mine would have to be jeans, a tee/tank, cardigan, and flats. No matter how dressed down I am, though, I don’t leave the house without earrings and maybe a silver pendant on…they just make me feel a bit more polished.

    lisa´s last blog post was Translated: Julieta Venegas/ Eugenia Leon!

  • November 21, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    I definitely agree with this! I’m always need a go-to weekend outfit that’s comfortable, yet still cute. Love the choices you put together!!

    Trace´s last blog post was PZI Jeans – Finally Jeans That Fit?!

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