The GAP says you MUST OWN THESE!

Gap has a section of their website called “Closet Essentials”, meaning if you don’t have these in your closet – you’re in trouble!

After scanning the boldly named section, I think I have to agree… With about 60% of their selections. Hey, it’s still more than half!

Women: Dobby-striped shirt - light blue

Dobby-striped shirt – light blue


A beautiful, crisp, tailored button-down shirt is a total essential. You can wear it with sleeves rolled up and some dark-wash jeans, or with slacks and a blazer for that big meeting. The tailoring keeps a regularly masculine garment feminine.

Women: Cropped cardigan - lamb white

Cropped cardigan in “Lamb White” (Also availabe in black, navy, taupe or “honeysuckle”)


A cropped cardigan is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet. It look amazing tucked in to a pencil skirt, or tossed over a funky graphic tee and some converse for a more “indie” look. Must have!

Women: Cap-sleeved scoopneck top - rose petal

Cap-sleeved scoopneck top in “Rose Petal” (Also Available in black, teal, white, mocha and heather gray)


I have to say, if there’s one thing my mom taught me early on about fashion, it’s that a) if you have a larger chest, scoop neck shirts are your FRIEND, and b) if you’re insecure about your arms, cap-sleeves are not just your friend – they’re your lover. So flattering.

Women: Clean cropped pants - black

Clean cropped pants in Black (Also available in khaki, white, or navy)


If you do not yet own a pair of black cropped pants, please click the link above and BUY SOME NOW. Do you love Audrey Hepburn? (If you said no, leave.) You can pair these with black flats and a black sweater for INSTANT Audrey. Or with a cute satin top and heels for a saucy night out.

Women: Belted notch-collar cardigan - aran cream

Belted notch-collar cardigan in Cream (Also availabe in Grey)


For me, this replaces a light jacket, blazer AND a cardigan. I love the belt, because that defines the waist. I love the notched collar, because it gives the cardigan something a little different. The color is beautiful, too.

Women: Organdy shift - black

Organdy shift in Black (Also comes in grey “sub-shift”)


All I have to say is: belt, long cardigan or sweater coat, bolero jacket, or long, ornate necklace. It’s a blank canvas.

Women: Woven-stripe wide leg pants - black combo

Woven-stripe wide leg pants in Black Combo (Also availabe in Brown Combo)


See ANY of the tops above? (Or anywhere on this site for that matter…) Wear them with these, and you have no choice but to be chic.

There are a ton of what I deem to be “closet essentials”, but GAP seems to be on the right track with these… So stock up!

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