The New Sirens: Taylor Momsen

Every 5-10 years, as well all know, a group of hot young things move into the Hollywood scene by way of hot TV shows, movies or music, and push out all of our classic femme fatales. Will they succeed against the creation of insanity that is fame, or will they explode in a fiery ball of delusion (and, I don’t know, shave their head)?

These are The New Sirens: talented females poised at a young age to take over the femme fatale creed.

Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl fame, definitely earns her spot in the first installment of The New Sirens for her unabashedly punky, tough, yet delicate appearance.

Known on the set of the famous CW show as the “Little J that could”, she’s portrayed as a girl who gets very few breaks in life when compared to the super Upper East Side girls at her private school. This also described her introduction to Hollywood, in my opinion. She first popped up on all the gossip blogs as looking “sweet”, “young”, “cute”… But now she’s got her legs (and how…).

Taylor Momsen in 2007, getting confused for Taylor Swift, no doubt…

The new Taylor Momsen aesthetic is brazen, edgy, and tough-myterious-girl-in-the-motorcycle-bar-esque – which I absolutely adore. Considering she’s only 15, she’s definitely someone to watch.

On the set of Gossip Girl, looking a bit more Vivienne Westwood than Eleanor Waldorf.

I love her easy, punky style… Could it be that it’s just the caliber of difference between “earlier” and “present” that makes me swoon? Because the transition is amazing.

Ms. Momsen definitely doesn’t hold herself back when it comes to public appearances. The above photos may be casual and rock-tastic, but don’t think that she keeps her style locked away just for on-set appearances…

Momsen rocking out some pout and some smoke at Fashion Rocks 2008.

Beautifully blocked black & white at a Diesel event, 2008.

Dishing up a bowl of extra saucy in a lacy, strappy dress with booties. Meow!

Her daring, but trusty black and white palette is just about the only shred of “innocence” her style has left. Everything else seems to be laced with dangerous smokey eyes, brave micro-minis and all the aesthetic of a rock and roll goddess. Proving once again that punk rock girls can be stylish, and not subscribe to the complete trash-slut aesthetic of the Rock of Love girls…

Keep your eye on this one, she’s a knockout.

All photos courtesy of the amazing Fashionista and


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  • October 20, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    She’s definitely got her look nailed. At 15, I was a mess of grunge and flannel!

    Sal´s last blog post was Reader Request: Accessorize Me TOO!!

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