• Clueless Cat

    I like rompers, but have yet to buy any since I feel like I don’t really want to practically strip naked every time I need to pee! haha

    The first pic is my fave out of the ones you posted :)

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    • Dude, how could you NOT feel naked, you know? You’re barely wearing anything!

      I like the black lacy one, too. :)


  • ML

    I definitely worry about the camel toe angle of it, to be honest, haha.
    After all, all those jersey-knit, softish fabrics can be seriously scary if they don’t fit exactly right on your lower half. Nobody wants to be the girl rocking the camel toe or a super romper wedgie. eep!

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    • Oh, wow… I didn’t even THINK about the super romper wedgie aspect of it… Yikes!


  • MsK

    Oh no! I wore those all the time as a child in the 70’s. My mother sewed them by the dozen out of awesome terry cloth!

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