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I’m always interested in making my home space just as stylish as my closet… But I have an evil adversary. An un-stylish-able area of every room that haunts me… teases me and mocks me!

It’s the walls. Yes, those gigantic, looming canvases taking up residence everywhere you look. Behind your bed, next to your closet, near your desk… They’re everywhere! I never know what to put there. There are only so many rectangular, 8×10 frames you can toss up there before it’s, well… just like everyone else’s.

But I don’t have the money for a gigantic, custom bookshelf or mural. What’s a girl to do?

Thankfully, I’ve discovered Wallter Wall Art over at Design Public. Designers Max & Linda Geiser put geometry to the test with their cleverly and aptly titled pieces.

The typical Wallter Wall Art wall application comes with several wooden, primed pieces in similar shapes in various sizes. You can either keep them stark white, or paint them colors to match your space.

While their line of gorgeous, geometrically minimalist bedding rings in at a pretty penny ($220-$500), these wall applications are much more affordable ($42-$90).

Best of all? No nails necessary. The backs of all their pieces are covered with 3M stickiness, so you can effectively just slap ’em on, and go! No broken nails here.

Wallter Circles small wall applications
Wallter Circles: Small
$42 for 8 pieces, all different sizes

There are also larger circles, if the small size doesn’t suit you. (Insert wink.)

Wallter Circles large wall applications
Wallter Circles: Large
$42 for 8 pieces, all different sizes

I love how they arranged the small circles. But don’t feel like you’re limited to their design defaults! Thankfully, Design Public has a ton of different arrangements in each set’s gallery. I like this one:

It really shows how painting them can be really eye-catching, without being tacky.

Here are some squares and polygons:

Wallter Squares small wall applications
Wallter Squares: Small
$42 for 8 pieces, all different sizes
Wallter Squares: Large
$42 for 8 pieces, all different sizes

I love the square guys all scattered about, like this:

Neat, huh?

Wallter Rectangles wall applications
Wallter Rectangles
$42 for 5 pieces, all different sizes

I don’t know how I feel about putting sort of… bowed out photos into the rectangular ones… But it’s an interesting idea to play with. Maybe little tiny paintings inside?

Wallter Hex wall applications
Wallter Hex
$42 for 8 pieces, all different sizes

That’s like a million sets, but it looks really cool…

If you’re not down with the polygons, it’s okay! They have… shapes:

Wallter Butterfly wall applications
Wallter Butterfly
$64 for 5 pieces, all different sizes

Wallter Fish wall applications
Wallter Fish

Wallter Teardrops wall applications
Wallter Teardrops wall applications
$42 for 8 pieces, all different sizes

Wallter Slats wall applications
Wallter Slats
$87 for a 23.875 W x 18.125 H piece

Love that slats guy!

These are so versatile and ingenious… I love that the backing is just sticky, and there’s no holes necessary. Paint them whatever color, and put them wherever you want. What could be better?

Freedom, kids.


Probably watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Wallter Wall Art

  • July 29, 2008 at 6:09 am

    Those are fabulous. Since I’m married to a photographer, I doubt we’ll be freeing up any wall space, but a girl can dream …

  • July 30, 2008 at 7:22 am

    Wow Miss Elle!! I love these wallart designs. What a great and innovative way to make your walls look more interesting without putting up all your fam photos (not that I don’t love my fam, but I’m a stager and personal items are a big NO-NO!
    You write beautifully, by the way. Some magazine ought to snag you up! Thanks for the cool design tips!

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