A Sweet Letter to Project Wonderful

My issues with knockoffs & “replica” fashion is not news to most of you, I’m sure. I have little to no respect for companies who produce only knockoffs of high-end designer (or worse, independent designer) products, and do my best to steer clear of anything related to the idea.

Project Wonderful is one of the coolest independent advertising tools I’ve come across in my 3 years as a blogger – you can see the Project Wonderful ads under the “Sponsors” heading in the sidebar. They allow anyone to advertise for pennies per day, allowing smaller businesses to bid on high traffic sites and, consequentially, improve their business. I love it!

However, I’ve encountered my first problem with Project Wonderful, and have written them a letter:


I run a budget/ethically-conscious fashion blog, and have your ads installed on my sidebar. I noticed that a company advertising knock-off/replica designer products bid on my space, and won. I went to cancel the bid (as it is not only unlawful to sell the intellectual property of others, but also ethically questionable) and couldn’t help but wonder why such a fabulous supporter of independent artists such as yourself would allow the very thing that independent designers fear and battle to participate?

No need for an immediate response, explanation or anything of the sort… I love Project Wonderful, and recommend you to all my friends (and will continue to do so!), but I do urge you to consider revising your policy on replica and knockoff retailers.


Lindsay Ginn | Elle
Public Relations
Owner, BrokeAndBeautiful.com
Co-Founder, TheDemoiselles.com

How do you guys feel about this? Do you think I’m overreacting? Or do you agree?

  • I saw that add and denied it; I don’t know because to me, knockoffs and replicas are two different things. I don’t necessarily have a problem with knock-offs, but replicas (and counterfeits…), hell yes I do. I was wondering how they’d be allowed on PW anyways…really interested to hear what they say!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Saturday Shoelust =-.

  • Good for you for sticking to your ethical principles. I don’t think your letter was out of line at all–you were very respectful and you made it clear you think Project Wonderful is pretty darn wonderful. I’d be interested in seeing what sort of response you get from them.
    .-= lisa´s last blog ..Two of Hearts Sample Sale =-.

  • I think your letter was to the point and required. It’s important to stick to your guns and bring issues like this to the attention of people who can rectify the situation. Well done you.

  • Serena from Style on a String

    I do agree that counterfeit, and exact replicas really stick in my craw, but designer inspired items.. not so much.

    A well written letter. Tell us what comes of it!

    Style on a String ..because style has nothing to do with money.
    .-= Serena from Style on a String´s last blog ..Sex & the City: Inspired by Carrie.. =-.

  • I think that sometimes they need to hear responses like that. You did the right thing, E. :)
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..Sample Sale Alert: Joe’s Jeans on Hautelook and more! =-.

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