Be My Paper Doll with M641

Paper dolls have always been kind of a romantic idea.

When you’re dressing a paper doll as a child, you’re never thinking about what the popular thing to wear would be, your doll didn’t run in socialite groups, and she wasn’t chuckled at for wearing two-seasons-ago Gucci. Playing with paper dolls was an exercise in discovery, and for some of us, grew into an obsession.

One of my favorite indie brands, Madras 641 or M641, has released their Spring 2010 lookbook (Summer to release in a few weeks!) for their collection entitled “Paperdolls”. The collection has been broken into two parts, the first is “Memorable Escape” and the latter, “Ornamental Reverie“.

No More Pretending Group

Paperdolls1 Merrymaking Kurti

Paperdolls2 Merrymaking Kurti

Paperdols 3 Treasure Hunter Top

Paperdolls 4 Treasure Hunter

Paperdolls 5 1001 Nights Dress

Paperdolls 6 1001 Nights

Blues Traveler Editorial

Blues Traveler Tunic Studio

Helena's Choice Studio

Jasmine's Flight Signature Tunic Editorial

Jasmine's Flight Signature Tunic Studio

Muse-ment Studio

Paperdolls Group

That last photo is my favorite.

And, yes, M641 is another one of those rare “affordable” independent brands.

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