Cover Your Wedgie

Ahhh, tact! My strong point. You’ll appreciate me by the end of the post, I promise.

Normally, we associate wedges with summertime, flowing dresses, espadrilles and the like – we don’t see many fun wedges in the fall or winter seasons… However, I’ve become particularly enamored with wedges as of late – Gasp! Out of SEASON?! – but they’re refreshed, renewed, they’re… Covered?

Yeah, covered. What does that even mean? The sole of the shoe is covered by the same material as the upper, which gives a futuristic, “disproportionate” appeal which is a sweet change from 1970’s-throwback wooden heels, or semi-orthopedic plastic soles of “modern workwear”.

80%20 Lily Covered Wedges
80%20 Lily Covered Wedges

If you’ve glanced at the sidebar within the last week or so, you’ll have noticed these 80&20 Lily Wedges in the most amazing orange patent leather. They also come in patent grey, but I was just smitten with the vibrancy. They were just reduced at Tobi from $135 down to only $67.They were $81 last week! They must really need to go… Someone buy them for a loving, needy blogger-ette?

nubby twiglet dries van noten nurse wedges

Also, the ever-innovative and stunning Nubby Twiglet has become just as enamored as I over these beautiful new creations, and sprung for two pairs of Dries Van Noten “Nurse” Wedges from their F/W 2007 collection in burgundy and grey. Ohhh, to have the beautiful bank account (correction: saving ability) to afford such amazing shoes… Where she got them is a flipping mystery, because I’ve been looking for a while and they are NOWHERE to be found.

After some serious digging, I managed to find these dopplegangers for a reasonable price:

80%20 Women's Lily Satin Covered Wedge
80%20 Women’s Lily Satin Covered Wedge
$97.95 $83.26

Oh sweet joy! SATIN covered Lily wedges to covet. What’s that? What’s that you say? They also come in PURPLE SATIN? Well, skin me alive. I’m doomed.

RATON Wedges
$120 $98

There are coincidentally a billion covered wedges by Raton, but no one else seems to have gotten them memo that this style is super hot. Fortunately, we have wonderful crocodile patent leather wedges under $100 to soothe our worries.

RATON Wedges
$128 $115

These are a bit more sleek and streamlined, which I like. The shine of the leather is all the glamour I need, on some days.

RATON Wedges
$128 $90

Well, that’s the extent of the covered wedges for around $100 that I, personally, could find. However, I did find some pricier, fancier, designer-ier covered wedges that I mostly am going to show you out of lust, but feel free to spend all your Christmas money in one place (take THAT, Grandma!):

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Chloe’ Boots
You Don’t Wanna Know

Guess. It’ll be funnier when you click the link that way. (Actually, they’re both under $300..? Not… bad..?)

What do you think of these future-tastic incarnations of the age-old wedge? Let me know in the comments!