Daily Outfit: Bachelorette Party!

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but my amazing sister, Cleary, went off and got hitched in Vegas to an wonderful (+super sex-ay) man named Dave. As we’ve never been a terribly traditional family, we decided to hold a bachelorette (but not really bachelorette) party at the Tulalip Casino (hooo-wee!) in Marysville, WA. At least, I think it was Marysville.

Anyway, we got all gussied up, and danced the night away in the strangest-named club I’ve ever heard of: Canoe’s Cabaret.

I wore:


You can guess what’s blurred. It’s certainly not a cigarette!

This dress… is love. I was apprehensive at first because I’m short-waisted, meaning there’s very little length between my bust and natural waist, so everything looks high-waisted on me – regardless of the cut. This dress is actually from Target, which surprised me. I’ve always loved these tank dresses with the nipped in waist, but thought I couldn’t wear them. This is also a lot shorter than I’ve gone before – but I love it. I can’t wait to wear shorter skirts in the winter! Oh, also, this dress was flippin’ $19.99. It also comes in a stripey-boob-black-skirt version which I thought was ADORABLE.

Speaking of winter – how versatile is this puppy? I’m wearing it with leggings in the photo above, but you could do textured tights, nothing at all, fishnet… The list goes on! Plus, there are basically no “wrong shoes”, either. I wore my 80%20 Women’s Lily Patent Covered Wedge, which are bright orange, as you might remember from this outfit a while ago. They were awesome! I got TONS of weird stares with speckled compliments every now and then, with the fulfilling addition of a drunk guy on the dance floor who leaned over and said “Nice heels”. It’s hard to be classy when you’re picking up chicks at the casino on a Saturday night.

My darling bag is from Mapel, as usual. They always have the best bags!

I’d like to also note that I’m wearing my obsessively-applied and favorite lip stain from Bourjois Paris, which I got for dirt cheap on BeautyTicket.com (don’t forget the discount code!). They don’t have it on the site right now, but they add stuff all the time, so check back.

Enjoy your weekend, ladies! (And… gentlemen? I don’t want to be presumptuous…)