Daily Outfit: New SPUN Shirt!

Welcome back to the real world, guys! Earth Week was epic, and is now [semi-thankfully] over. I planned to do that about 12 hours before last Monday started, and thusly, I remember very little of my week last week, as it was spent mostly digging through emails and writing [awesome, but time-using-up] posts.

So this week, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program. On top of that, I finally have an updated outfit for you. I was greeted by a package from Spun in my mailbox today (remember their Earth Week ECIG?) so, naturally, the only thing to do was photograph it!


Ahhhh! So where is it, right? Well, it’s hiding under my new, unbelievably amazing coat that I scored for $40 from Marshalls (surprised?). It’s almost metallic eggplant-colored in almost an anorak shape. It’s got a frilly little collar that Conor lovingly refers to as “the clown collar”. Whatever! I love it. It also has a trench-style belt that can be tied in the front, but I prefer to tie it in the back to give the jacket a little structured shape.


Ta-da! See that glorious, olive green? That’s the amazing, organic shirt from Spun (via Green Loop). They were having a huge sale, so I had to spring for it.

ALSO: I have an embarrassing confession. These jeans… should not have been photographed. They’re obviously too big and aren’t doing me any favors, so I apologize for the airy, breezy, baggy thighs here. My natural thighs are none of those things, swear.


I sure hope that you thought this shirt wasn’t going to get any better, because that would make you super wrong right now. Not only does this beautiful green, organic top have a stunning boat neck… But it also has pockets – my favorite things next to air and water. Also, I have to point this out because I just noticed… I look a little Martha Stewart Living in this photo.

The fabric is just divine… And if you’ll see here, at the hip, there are some sweet little pockets for whatever treasures you may pick up on your journeys (yes, it’s spelled correctly, I checked!)…



I know, bra-strap fail. To be honest, I’m a little rusty with ye olde Daily Outfit photography. I’ll willingly admit it! But this shirt was too much fun to pass up. Besides, I’m way slacking on this whole “regular content” thing. I’ll be sure to patch that up, ASAP.


I also should think about wearing… any other shoes. I have a good 20 pairs of shoes sitting in my closet, but green and green… I couldn’t resist.

Those jeans, when they fit, were my favorite jeans ever. GAP Long & Lean, remember the epiphany? Looks like they’re going to have to get recycled now, though… Excuse to procure new jeans? I think so.


Okay, help needed: I’m having an identity crisis, and it’s focusing itself on my hair. After I chopped off ten inches of hair in February… I’ve been at a complete loss regarding what to do with it. It can be curly, naturally… Or I could straighten it. I could pull my “bangs” back, like I did today, or I could leave them down and dramatically brush them out of my face when I’m flustered… BUT WHAT ELSE?! I need suggestions!

Top, Spun via The Green Loop, $28
Jeans, Gap Long & Lean, $39.50
Jacket, Vertigo Paris via Marshalls, $39.99
Shoes, American Eagle for Payless ShoeSource , $7

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday!


  • michelle

    Re:hair! Half ponies = adorable on your length of hair. My friend also used to do this braid thing with her hair where she would french braid like two pigtails sort of, but swoop them down so at the nape of her neck they met and then she would sort of tuck the braids under each other and pin it. So it looked like a continuous braid. It was very chic.

    Also, headbands. There is nothing cuter than a funky headband.

  • I have that top in Olive and Black – it’s my fav!! It works with so many different outfits! :)

  • Annie Spandex

    That shirt looks so soft! Love the cut and pockets.. And I’m a fan of curly hair :)

    Annie Spandex´s last blog post was It’s Springtime!

  • You look so great!

    Leia´s last blog post was My Wishlist!

  • This outfit looks so great on you. The second photo looks just amazing.

    Would you be willing to do grown up pigtails? It takes a little work to make them look like they don’t belong on a 9 year old but they were my lifesaver when I was growing my hair out. The trick is to keep them very wide set and very low, and they look great with a hat.

  • Sal

    Just loving the new coat … and damn, the SPUN shirt is fantastic! So flattering and with pockets to boot.

    Sal´s last blog post was From a Place of Love!

  • Hello!? You have 4 options for your hair! I have one. :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog sister! And I adore the outfit!


    Tracy´s last blog post was Completely Recycled Art!!

  • Thanks for all the love and I’m super excited that you are loving your SPUN shirt! I also would like to know why I don’t score cute shoes at Payless. When I go…everything is fugly! What’s ur secret? ;)

  • cheshiresmile1

    hahaha, I just finally grew my hair out from two inches, so I was in an awkward bob stage from about a year or so. I feel your pain about lack of options, although your haircut is adorable!
    they already mentioned pony tails and pigtails, but you can also seriously texture hair like that, get some good wax and straigthen then piece it out,
    or take your bangs and pin them straight back, but push them up a little so they make a cute rockabilly bouffant,
    or you can take two pieces from your temples and twist them back, secure them with some bobby pins for a cuter style.
    Or pin up girl curls are always fun.
    just play around with it, hope that gives you some ideas.

  • Not sure how long your bangs are but when I was growing out my hair I would pull my bangs to the side and pin them under my hair, that way my hair would fall over the bangs giving it the illusion of my hair pulled behind my ears. I especially liked the look when my hair was really wavy and messy. BTW love the green shoes with the green shirt!

    Jasmine – Fashiongrail´s last blog post was The Man Bag: It’s as Handy as it is Becoming!

  • I think the hair cut is an inbetween one, if you cut off 10 inches in February, are you ready to go a bit shorter? I know I am new here (and don’t know your blog that well yet) but it is definitely what I would recommend, a bob would look fab, or a neck grazing cut, cute straight or curly.

    eyeliah´s last blog post was The Symmetry Seven ~ Beth Jones of The Vintage Society!

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