ECIG: Carpe Draco

This is a very special and very fancy edition of Eye Candy/Indie Genius because… there’s a video review! Oh yes! I’ve evolved!

I actually discovered this jewelry designer via Birdie @ Bonne Vie, but couldn’t resist testing it out for myself. The store is called Carpe Draco on Etsy, and I warn you now, it’s pretty serious stuff.

This girl takes those beautiful earrings created to go in stretched ears and makes them usable for those of us who are… a little more than terrified of actually going through the stretching process. Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous, and absolutely AFFORDABLE! I bought two pairs for less than $30! That’s quite an accomplishment for handmade jewelry. Most of her pieces are made from either bone, wood, horn or steel.

Okay, now a couple of notes on my first video. I emphasize “first” because a) It’s longer than it probably ought to be, b) I totally forgot to bleep myself one time (don’t show children, I guess – also, sorry, Mom!), c) I ramble kind of a lot and didn’t… really… prepare at all, and thusly looked like a moron when I realized that the second pair of earrings I have is made from HORN, not wood.

New Earrings for me! from MissElle on Vimeo.

Post-video notes: I put both pairs of earrings in this morning and they were about 5x easier to put in, it just takes some practice.

Conor said that I shouldn’t have allowed so much dead air while I was trying to…. operate the jewelry, but I can’t resist an opportunity to make an ass of myself.