ECIG: Elise Bergman

I’ve decided that ECIG isn’t just for Mondays anymore (though, this one obviously is…). It also isn’t just for designers under $100, either. There are far too many worth-the-money designers with brilliant ideas for me to stick to just one. I hope that this doesn’t infuriate you all, price-point-wise, but I can’t deny my love any longer – I have to share these designers with you.

I promise to do my best to keep these items “affordable”, or at least easily distinguished as “worth the money”.

Last week, I attended an eco-fashion event at the Chicago Cultural Center called Fashion Cafe. Many young designers showed up to display their sustainable, creative, beautiful clothes, and I was basically in heaven.

I’d like to introduce you to Elise Bergman. She is a stunning young Chicago resident whose namesake line plucks at my heartstrings each time I think about it.

If I had to describe Elise Bergman’s collection in two words, they would be Fabric Porn. As soon as I walked into her little corner of this tiny fashion mecca, my pupils dialated with complete awe (and, admittedly, some envy). For the non-fashion obsessed, I could understand interpreting this line as “simple” – maybe even “boring”, but for the ladies who know their fashion, and have intricately examined every single garment they own, prior to buying, you’ll understand my magnetic attraction to the sultry, luxurious bevy of fabrics that Bergman selects to craft her pieces from.

One of Elise Bergman’s adorable dresses

While I had ample opportunity to photograph her pieces in their complete visual form, I couldn’t. Her swingy, slinky dresses were definitely adorable, but their design was matched by the fabric selections, sometimes even exceeded. She splits her time between the bustling city of Chicago and the mountains of Montana, which give her pieces a very versatile country-girl-meets-city-girl aesthetic and charm.



One of my favorite aspects of Bergman’s line is her line of “wraps”, which are made from a range from fabrics from delicate silk to wool.


“I can’t find the size…” I told her. She smirked.

“They’re one size fits all.”

“*silence* …What?”

“Yeah, one size fits all. They can be tied and wrapped a ton of different ways for each body type.”


Elise Bergman, let’s get hitched. You are a creative goddess and you’ve just made my day.