ECIG: Lucid New York

This week, I decided to ask the ever-listening Twitter crowd who their favorite independent, affordable, talented designer was… The first, name I heard: Lucid New York.

Of course! Why didn’t I think of it before? This girl, Anna of Lucid New York, is on the rise, people. From buzzing away on Twitter to being featured in Tatler, Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmo… Anna is someone to pay attention to, like now.

One of my favorite things about Anna and her business strategy is that she pulls inspiration from her customers. Not only does this allow for boundry-less world of opportunities, but you know that the customers will love it! She’s truly designing for her clients, and doing a damn fine job.

There are many jewelers out there who do charms and pendents meant to sit alone on a chain. You’ve all seen them – they’re appealing because you can truly wear them every day, but honestly… They get a little redundant. A simple circle, a four leaf clover, a star… It gets old after a while! Anna’s charms? Sure, she’s got the standbys we’ve just mentioned… But also:

A girl jumping rope… ($55) Adorable, and would easily get anyone in touch with their easy-going, whimsical inner child.

Cupcakes, anyone? ($45)

The sweetest fortune cookie ever. ($45) I love food as a charm, apparently…

Or how about a strong, powerful Griffin? ($45) I’ve been eying this one for a while… It might be next up on my list for purchasing. There’s a certain gentleman in my life who’s family crest has a prominent Griffin on it…

Perhaps a hedgehog is more your speed? ($45)

You get where I’m going with this. Lucid New York creates jewelry that isn’t based on the “common consumer”… it’s based on you. These simple-yet-perfect necklaces aren’t the end of Anna’s talents, either. The rings that this girl creates are beyond my aesthetic imagination… So, of course, I’m smitten.

Purple Cocktail Ring ($40). You wouldn’t even need to wear clothes to your event if you had this thing on.

Two Birds Split Necklace ($85). I love this style of necklace, with the inter-looping… -ness. Tiny, delicate birds at the end of a fine chain – it would be stunning with a simple, flowing top.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Lucid New York’s creative ability… But this post would be a full page long if I really got into her work, and did it justice. Go check it out for yourself!