ECIG: Mirror & Moon

This edition of ECIG is a little short because, well, this particular seller doesn’t have a ton of items in her store at the moment… But two of her pieces were so wearable and adorable – I just had to use them this week!

Mirror & Moon is a shop on Etsy that I found through the laceandflora community on LiveJournal. Sometimes, you come across something that just grabs at your heartstrings, and you have to stare and dream about it for hours.

These two pieces did that very thing to me, and now I can’t get them out of my head!

This is the Lolita Ribbon Ring. It’s so simple, yet so unique… You could really wear it with anything from casual to black tie! At only $4, it’s tough to resist! If it’s a little dark for you…

…there’s also a white one which would be the perfect finishing touch on a sweet, almost preppy look. Besides – $4! – how can you lose?

Visit Mirror & Moon’s Etsy shop (before someone else snaps these puppies up!)