Eye Candy & Indie Genius: Laura Dawson

Alright. Two weeks ago I asked for your help trying to find a new name for this hybrid post. I’m very disappointed! The only response I got… was from my Mom. Don’t get me wrong! I love Mom, and she’s just smashing, but there are almost 200 creative, beautiful people on that e-mail list – help a sister out!

ANYWAY. :) Now that I’ve been snarky, here’s the latest from amazing designer Laura Dawson. After attending the design school at U of Cincinatti, she cut her teeth at Donna Karan and As Four before starting her own line. For a designer who’s worked with Yelle, Richard Avedon, Why?, The Brazilian Girls, The Scissor Sisters, Steven Klein, and Moby – she obviously has a passion for the art, as she could easily get away with charging more than only $50 for some of her magnificent, casual, futuristic-chic pieces.

Princes range from $50 to $300, click on any image to view purchasing options.

Laura Dawson can be found at:

Smashing Darling
The Super Market


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