Fashion Luvr Sponsored Giveaway for Sock Dreams!

I’m so pumped! I’ve been dreaming of a giveaway involving you guys coming up with an awesome stylish outfit using Polyvore and a certain garment for weeks now… And thanks Fashion Luvr, a super directory of daily fashion sales, it’s going to happen! Right now! Wee!


Yes! Sock Dreams! The most amazing foot/legwear shop ever! It’s based in Portland, OR but their growing notoriety as “best socks EVER” is surely sending them business from everywhere (which they totally deserve).

Here’s the contest:

1. Scoot over to Polyvore!
Yes, this is a Polyvore contest! I’ve always wanted to have one, and Fashion Luvr gave me the PERFECT platform to do so. If you don’t know Polyvore, it’s essentially the biggest fashion play center you’ve likely ever seen with clothes from any, and everywhere.

2. Crinoline it up!
Oooh, crinoline! A garment we all secretly adore, but occasionally struggle to work into either our wardrobe, or confidence level. Well, here’s your chance! Use one of Sock Dreams’ petticoats/crinolines (such as the one below) and show me how you’d wear it using Polyvore.

3. Send it!
Post the link to your creation in this post, and at the end of the contest, I’ll take a look at your dream outfits.

4. Win!
There will be 2 winners, and they will each get a $20 Gift Certificate to Sock Dreams! Because Sock Dreams’ products are so affordable, you can DEFINITELY get a decent haul out of $20!

The contest will end at 11:59pm on Friday, March 20th! Be sure to have your link posted on this page by then to be eligible to win!

I’ll post up the submitted sets a few at a time, everyone deserves to have their style in the spotlight!

Get creative! Have fun! Wow yourself!


PS: Here’s my [example] entry!:

Modern VersaillesModern Versailles – by Miss Elle on

ALSO! If your comment doesn’t appear after you submit it, don’t worry! It’s probably in my spam catcher and I’ll approve it immediately once I see it! xo!

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