Fifi Lapin for LeSportSac – I wish I weren’t human

If you’re not privy to the amazing, wonderful, heart-exploding cuteness that is Fifi Lapin, you’d better catch up quick.

The bunny blogs about her life and adventures (nope, no typo) on her namesake blog, located here. She’s got one of the most impressive wardrobes I’ve seen, and I don’t just mean “for a bunny”. Where would an adorable bunny get that kind of dough for Botega Venetta frocks and Chloe seperates? “I’m an haress to my father’s fortune which he made from playing fast and loose on carrot and cabbage on the international stock market.”

If you’re wondering who the dashing bunny in the photo behind Ms. Lapin is, it’s her boyfriend, Sonny, who recently flew her to Paris for Valentine’s day.

paris fifi lapin for lesportsac

Is your entire life exploding with cute yet?

When I found out that Ms. Lapin, herself, would be the official Artist in Residence at LeSportSac, the images of windbreaker-esque gym bags and skritchy-skratchy fanny packs instantly disappeared.

Fifi Lapin for LeSportSac Field Trip Duffle $88

Fifi Lapin for LeSportSac Tag and Go Satchel $88

These are only two of the many styles that are available at LeSportSac. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll put this adorable Fifi Lapin print on a travel bag like this one, because it’s cheaper and I want to be reminded of precious bunny glamour every time I reapply mascara.

TCO! (Totally cuted out.)


Probably watching Netflix.