Guess Who #3: Holiday Edition

Because I haven’t done any gift guides, Black Friday/Cyber Monday posts, or… well, anything other than a stocking stuffer post for the holiday season, I figured a dedicated Guess Who was in order. I tried to find the best holiday party attire that I could from this week’s secret retailer.

You know the drill!


LOVE the color, and the style is timeless.


I love pretty much everything about this dress. Won’t do much for most figures, but I love the ease of it.


A great, classic party dress. Love the volume in the skirt.


Those are little studs! I love the interesting use of such a hard-rock detail.


I feel like I have to say this, just in case… This is not a dress. Wear it lovingly as a top – but please don’t try to slap leggings on the bottom of this gorgeous piece and head out of the house. Please.


Yes, it’s slightly risque, but how could I resist? I love the look!

So, who do you think it is? Click below to reveal the answer!



Strapless Bow Dress $42.90
Chiffon Tulip Dress $44.90
Jacquard Party Dress $49.90
Studded Tank Dress $46.90
Sadie Sweetheart Top $24.90
Drapey Mockneck Top $29.90

I willingly admit it: Alloy is my secret weapon. I’ve been shopping there since I was 14. Their range of sizes, styles, and moderately trendy pieces at extremely low prices keep me coming back. I wouldn’t even purchase something “investment-worthy” from Alloy, but easy party tops and quick dresses are an easy no-brainer.

Were you right? What was your guess?

Probably watching Netflix.

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