I Need Red Skinnies

Something hit me while I was perusing some of my favorite blogs the other day and contemplative my “personal style”. A lot of times, I’ll find myself holding back style-wise because of the reactions I’ll get from people. While some may dress “outrageously” to get reactions… I don’t really want any. I like to wear what I like to wear, and I don’t particularly like it when people look at me, or check out what I’m wearing. It’s weird, I know.

So, I was thinking… What item would I really love to wear, if it weren’t for those pesky reactions (which shouldn’t matter, anyway)? Red skinny jeans. I’ve always thought that they were super versatile, super chic, and – despite the loudness – quite sophisticated.

The hesitancy stops here. I’m going to do my best to not worry about other people’s glances and just do it. Naturally, the first thing on my list are those delicious jeans.

Sidenote: In case you’re confused by the column-action going on below, I’m trying to do a better job of incorporating “plus sized” garments into my posts about style. Being a borderline plus-sized girl, I catch myself wishing for more even coverage in the land of fashion blogs. “Be the change you want to see…”, right?

The two perfect pairs of red skinny jeans are below:

RVCA Dem Pants in Marco Red
RVCA Dem Pants in Marco Red
Tripp Red Skinny-Leg Twill Pant Regular
Tripp Red Skinny-Leg Twill Pant

I love the sateen-ish feel of the RVCA pants, and the Tripp twill pants are so vibrant!

Here’s how I’d wear ’em on the weekends:




Nice, breezy, comfortable, and clean. Just how I like my… weekends?

This is how I’d wear them to work (heck yes I would!):




I love highlighting the blinding hue of the pants for work… It’s fun to keep it professional everywhere else, but have a blazing streak of rebellion at the same time.

How would you dress these puppies up for a Girl’s Night Out?

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  • Jen

    You are so damned bold. I absolutely love it.
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  • Sal

    You MUST get a pair. MUST!!! And wear them exactly as described here. All of those outfits are fantastically chic.
    [rq=2594,0,blog][/rq]What is Feminine?

  • I admire folks who dress outside the norm. Even if I think their outfit is hideous, I still think they’re awesome for having the guts to put themselves out there like that- lord knows I don’t.
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  • I bought a pair of red skinnies a while back. I wore them mostly with a plain basic top, making sure to avoid any combo of red white and blue, else I looked too patriotic. I also really like red matched with tans it’s a strange combo, but totally works. I haven’t worn my red skinnies in a while, but I think your boldness is infectious, because I kind of want to bust them out again!
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