I’m Outta Here!

Ahh, Christmas Eve Eve. A notorious day, commonly spent in a fit of anxiety, rushing from grocer to grocer looking for that damned mustard, or frantically organizing sleeping situations for house guests… Rushing from in-law-home to in-law-home wishing you could just relax before the craziness (at least 200% worse) tomorrow…

The magic of the holidays.

In lieu of doing, well, any of the above… I’m hightailing it out of here!

My gift to you:

A surprise ECIG!

Yes, yes, it’s been eons!

I discovered this amazing independent designer based out of Australia a couple weeks ago, and have been meaning to either buy, or post about them!

Drink Me, Alice

The designer, Alicia, has a fabulous blog that I read titled Sea of Ghosts. She’s a stunning woman, and her designs are simple, but still have kind of a luxurious feel about them. They’re definitely statement pieces, but in a very elegant, unique way.

She’s been getting more attention lately, it seems, which pleases me greatly as she certainly deserves it. This is one busy girl!

Molar Earrings

I love these because that style of image is one of my favorites (almost like etching, yes?) and they’re… well, they’re obviously teeth, but they’re classy teeth.

Anatomical Heart Pendant

There’s definitely an “anatomical drawing” trend that’s been floating around for a year or so, and this might be my favorite example of it, to date.

Carousel Pendant

I know more than a few girls who would love this one.

My favorite pieces, though…

Card Suit Club Ring

… are her card suit rings. She’s got them all: spade, diamond, club and heart.

And lastly, but certainly not least…ly, a little vintage-inspired numbers for my vintage girls:

Antique Swallows Pendant

Visit her shop at DrinkMeAlice.com.au!

Have a really good holiday, if you celebrate one! I’ll be back around on Monday.

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • December 27, 2009 at 4:08 am

    Thank you so much for sharing some love my way! I am so pleased you are a fan, can’t wait to show you what I have brewing for the new year too – it’s pretty major! xx

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