I’m Wearing: Comfort With One Item of Class

It’s Tuesday, it’s 8 degrees outside, it’s icy… And all I want is some wonderful, salt-lick style Top Ramen. Unfortunately, that’s one of the few things I can’t make with flour, salt and monterey jack cheese… So I’ll have to venture out.

But… but… Conor’s sweater is so COMFORTABLE! And my yoga pants – they’re just divine for a lazy working day answering e-mails and writing.

After a good amount of time exerting way more energy than I’d like looking for something I could wear to the store (without looking like rubbish), I finally noticed a striking similarity…

Yoga pants are billowy, have motion, and are extremely comfortalble. Their counterpart? Wide-leg jeans. It’s so true! I put my wide leg jeans on and I was (nearly) as comfortable as I had been!

I looked for a replacement for Conor’s brown, fuzzy, crew-neck sweater. Turtleneck? No… Too confining. Bat wing jersey? HELL no, it’s 8 degrees, man! So I finally decided…

No change! The sweater’s mine.

A little crowning accessory: my new gold flats I purchased recently – voila! Instant outfit, and it doesn’t look crappy. +5 points for me!


Sweater: Old Navy (Conor’s)
Wide-Leg Jeans: Baccini, Marshall’s, $12.99
Gold Skimmers: American Eagle for Payless “Kash” Kitten Heel, $12.99
Headband: Walgreen’s, $0.99
XO Necklace: Gift from Daddy :)


  • Oh my goodness, it was icy out and you wore flats with no treads and no socks?! You’re a braver woman than I am…mad props to you. :)

    lisa´s last blog post was Lisa’s Most Coveted List!

    • Conor has my boots, haha. They fit us both! I had… almost no choice. :P

  • Sal

    All about accessorization, no? I especially love that headband, lady. So cute on you!

    Sal´s last blog post was This I Believe!

  • Trace

    I totally agree – wide-leg trouser jeans are super comfortable – that’s all I wear on the weekends! I have a pair from Gap that I love. Wow those shoes are great and so cheap, I might have to pick those up!

    Trace´s last blog post was Do Empire Waists Work on Curvy Figures?!

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