Inspiration Board: Old Lady Chic

I’ve been really digging the style of the more “seasoned” ladies of the world lately. Especially ladies in their Sunday best, old Italian ladies who look like they could kick your ass, and the ditsy little prints and semi-orthopedic-looking heels that keep these women looking their best on a daily basis.

old-lady-chic inspiration board broke and beautiful fashion

This is all including (but not limited to)   Abaeté S/S 09 collection (upper left runway photo)   Luella S/S 09 collection (purple getup) My new $9 kicks from Payless ShoeSource Jimi-Hendrix-autographed broads with Vivienne Westwood hair Lifelong friends Tiny, shiny purses with mile-long chains Faux pearl earrings that, according to everyone else, “are very real and very expensive Hats by Love, Lulu Mae (upper right corner!) Dressing to the nines to get cigarettes from the store Broads who know what they want and don’t care who knows it.

What’s inspiring you lately?


  • I’m a little green about your green shoes.

    Birdie – Bonne Vie´s last blog post was A fabulous award!!

  • Shannon

    Those green shoes are adorable.

    Shannon´s last blog post was Randomness!

  • The woman wearing the slate blue scarf and brown boots is incredibly chic. The best part is, she’s not even trying nor does she probably care what she looks like.

    • I totally, totally agree. That’s part of the appeal, I think. These women are like “I’m wearing it, screw you!” and that attitude is so… strong!

  • Jeanette

    I. Must. Have. Those. Shoes.

  • Sarah Schendel

    Have long loved the old lady chic-ness and love this post! In fact, just featured in on my blog :)


  • Great shoes! What program do you use for your collages?

    • Just photoshop, I’m blessed with Photoshop CS3. Lots of cutting and pasting, really! :)

  • Those old broads rock – I want one of those floral caps!

  • She is quite possibly the most stunning person in the world :)

  • Ari

    I love this. Have you seen my blog where I feature stylish old ladies.

  • Great study… Did you do all of it on your personal? This must’ve taken lots of time. Excellent Article.